10 Signs You Were Born To Be An Entrepreneur

During my recent birthday, I had to sit down and ruminate for a moment. Over the years, what factor convinced me that I’m an entrepreneur? Are entrepreneurs born or nurtured?

This question has led to an eternal debate, and you need to understand that there is no straight answer. The fact is, both factors can play a role in the development of an entrepreneur.

However, what compels one to become an entrepreneur goes beyond nature or nurture. It has to do with the dreams, visions, and aspirations of the individual.

When I understood the world and my inordinate passion for freedom, I knew entrepreneurship was the path to take.

The aim was not to make money but to experience a life of freedom. The idea of being in control of my professional destiny fascinates me, and I had no choice.

Mind you; the journey is not rosy unless you’re a mega entrepreneur with millions lying in the bank. If you’re like me who started from scratch, note that this journey is not for the faint-hearted.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you can’t be an employee, as it can be a learning ground that allows you to network, learn, and operate in a live environment.

There are lessons worth learning, which books and articles like this can’t offer. When you have operated in a real business environment, you will be more confident when starting your own business.

In this article, I will share some signs that pinpoint you’re a born entrepreneur or, perhaps, have the potentials to be an entrepreneur. Ready?

1. You Love Control

A trait that runs through almost all entrepreneurs is their hunger for control. They want to control their income, time, and life in general.

Due to this immoderate urge to control everything, they delve into entrepreneurship to manage their professional lives and careers.

As an entrepreneur, you call the shots and make all the decisions as you see fit. Unlike an employee, you can decide to go on a six months vacation without issues.

However, that is only possible when your startup has stood firmly as a brand.

Most entrepreneurs don’t even like the idea of a divine being since that means taking control of them.

2. You Can Handle Risk

An entrepreneur is a risk-taker, which is something that most individuals shy away from.

If you find yourself always taking risks even as a child, perhaps you were born to be an entrepreneur.

How much of a risk can you handle? Entrepreneurs can risk their finance and even family commitments to pursue an economic opportunity.

When people see risk and run away, entrepreneurs feel challenged and embrace it. However, a wise entrepreneur will prefer a calculated risk to mitigate failure.

They always have a plan B; even a plan C should things not work as planned. If you’re a risk-taker, perhaps you were born to be an entrepreneur.

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3. Confidence In Your Capabilities

If there are individuals with a deep belief in their capabilities and idea, they are entrepreneurs.

This extraordinary confidence allows them to network, expand, and fight for their dream.

Many believe that confidence isn’t learned; rather, it manifests when you conceive an idea you strongly believe in.

Entrepreneurs are known to exude confidence, especially in their idea and ability to translate it to reality.

They are optimistic and ever ready to invest every resource at their disposal. Have you ever conceived an idea, and it seems you can’t let go?

If you can relate to the feeling of seeing your idea become a reality, perhaps that is a sign you were born to be an entrepreneur.

4. You Approach A Problem With A Solution

Not everyone has this problem-solving skill, which is one of the attributes one needs to be an incredible entrepreneur.

The path to entrepreneurship is not easy, as it is filled with tons of thorns and barriers.

However, brace yourself as there will be tons of problems that will need solving.

Sometimes, you might not have the ideal tools, which means you need to improvise.

Unlike some professionals, entrepreneurs approach a problem differently. They began by asking: what is an excellent solution to this problem?

Problem-solving skill is an essential trait that every entrepreneur must possible, which is why coders and web designers tend to make great entrepreneurs.

If you’re great at solving problems, perhaps you were born to be an entrepreneur.

6. They Embrace Failure

I wrote an article for about handling failure as an entrepreneur.

When you come to think of it, entrepreneurs are beings who strive amid chaos and failure.

Instead of giving up in the face of failure, they learn from it and do things differently.

In the words of Thomas Edison,

“I have not failed 10,000 times; I have discovered 10,000 ways it will not work.”

That’s crazy, right?

If you’re one who always feels defeated in the face of failure, perhaps the entrepreneurial path isn’t for you.

In that case, you should consider if you should get a job or start a business.

But if you see failure as a guide, like many successful entrepreneurs out there, then you’re born to be an entrepreneur.

7. Team Player

Entrepreneurs love to feel self-sufficient. That, however, doesn’t mean they don’t like teamwork.

The success of every entrepreneurial venture lies in how efficiently the entrepreneur can delegate tasks.

That way, he or she can focus on more pressing issues. However, you can’t work with a team and drive them to success if you aren’t a natural leader.

Entrepreneurs are leaders and can leverage the talent of others to achieve their goals in business.

Can you remember the last time you led a group? If you cherished the experience, perhaps you were born to be an entrepreneur.

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8. Entrepreneurs Bend The Rules

Entrepreneurs are not afraid to deviate from the conventional. They want to do something that has never been done, to push the boundary to an impossible perimeter.

 Bending the rules doesn’t apply to indulge in some illegal businesses, as that doesn’t make you an entrepreneur but rather a con.

Bending the rules, in this context, is often driven by innovation and creativity. They profound solutions to a problem, in ways none has even thought of.

If you always feel a need to do something different from the norm, perhaps that is a sign that you were born to be an entrepreneur.

9. They Want To See Others Win

Although the business world is chaotic and filled with intense competition, entrepreneurs love to see others succeed.

Unlike politically motivated people, they feel insecure when someone earns praise. That is because they think such a recognition diminishes their worth or importance.

Well, entrepreneurs don’t strive in such shallow competition. They love to see people who are doing well to succeed.

Entrepreneurs don’t allow their accomplishment to elude others from achieving great things too.

If that sounds like you, perhaps you’re born to be an entrepreneur.

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10. Entrepreneurs Cherish Feedback And Criticism

Entrepreneurs don’t shy away when it comes to getting feedback, irrespective of its nature.

The reason is that such feedback allows them to improve and grow.

When people from other professions mishandle feedback, an entrepreneur uses it to determine what the customer wants.

When they can create a product and service that appeal to customers, they get closer to achieving their dream.

When you create something, do you always expect positive feedback, or do you lookout for ways to improve?

If the latter is the case, that is a sign that you were born to be an entrepreneur.


Being an entrepreneur isn’t a rosy journey. It has a lot to do with your capabilities and personalities as an individual.

The sad truth is: entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. But if you have the capabilities listed in this article, perhaps you’re the one.

Remember, the difference lies in your reason for wanting to be an entrepreneur.

Are you in to make money, or perhaps to attain the freedom that entrepreneurship offers?

If you must know, the former has led many to life dissatisfaction.

When you understand that the endgame is not money, only then will you become an enlightened entrepreneur ready to achieve wonders.

What other signs do you think proves that someone is born to be an entrepreneur?

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