8 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel Fast

Last Updated on July 25, 2020 by Henry Ibeleme

Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

Running a YouTube channel is one of the routes to make money online and living a life of freedom and luxury. But one of the most common issues Nigerian YouTubers encounter is low views and subscribers.

There are numerous ways to promote your YouTube channel, and I am going to guide you into making that happen without spending a dime.

According to Brandwatch, YouTube has over 2 billion users worldwide, with 79 percent of the population having their own YouTube account.

Here is a mind-blowing fact: people watch about 1 billion hours of video every day on YouTube. Now, what if you tap into a tiny fracture of that figure?

That will be incredible money that would make your entire generation comfortable.

You don’t need any particular skill to make money from YouTube, nor do you need money to create a YouTube account.

All you need is to discover your niche and dominate. I have already guided you on how to create a YouTube channel and make money.

In today’s article, I am going to be your guide on how you can promote your channel fast.

How To Promote Your Youtube Channel

1. Create Amazing Thumbnail

Create Amazing YouTube Thumbnail to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Many software, tools, or apps allow you to create an intriguing thumbnail that compels potential subscribers to click.

Without a great looking thumbnail, no one will click on your videos, talk of watching what you have to offer. At this stage, everyone is overloaded with information.

No one has the time to consider if they should click or not click. You should never put your potential audience in that dilemma.

A great looking video thumbnail is the fastest way to capture your audience’s attention without them having to hesitate.

When YouTube feature your videos on the search result or through recommendation, your video thumbnail is what determines if they click or not.

Also, your thumbnail is what appears when someone embeds your video on their blog post or website.

In that case, your thumbnail should be able to communicate what the video is all about, with captivating graphics that makes it irresistible.

Take a look at top-performing videos in your niche, and steal some ideas on how they make their thumbnail. When you start using intriguing and captivating thumbnails on all your videos, you will experience a rise in both views and subscribers.

2.  Create A Killer Video Title

Create A Killer Video Title

Aside from your thumbnail, another thing that determines if someone will click on your video or not is your video title.

Using compelling titles on your video is a reliable way to promote your YouTube channel since it leads to an increased CTR.

When it comes to creating an incredible title for your video, trust me, it’s not going to be easy. You need to brainstorm and brainstorm the more to get the perfect title.

When doing that, please ensure your video title is short and descriptive. Try as much as possible to make it appealing and exciting, but never use click-bait as it would backfire.

I see a lot of YouTubers use click-bait just to get clicks. Most times, they succeed in getting the views, but they end up losing subscribers.

One thing you should know is that humans hate to be tricked. When they discover they have been deceived, they will boil with anger.

Not only would they unsubscribe, but they might also flag your video as misleading. Getting flagged and numerous dislikes is bad for your channel.

When creating your killer title, ensure that you incorporate your keywords. That would make it possible and easy to rank very high on the search result.

3. Optimize Your YouTube SEO

Optimize Your YouTube SEO

If you want to promote your YouTube channel and get tons of views and subscribers, you must not joke with SEO. It is the backbone of your online success.

When you have a robust SEO, you might not even struggle to promote your videos. YouTube will keep sending you juices from search results and recommendations.

Many often think that optimizing their channel for YouTube SEO is technical and rocket science. But it is not! Here are some ways to optimize your YouTube SEO.

  • Build Your Brand – This entails having a consistent logo, colors, font, and images in your channel. Your video thumbnails should reflect the brand you want to create. You should be able to stand out from other brands based on how you use your branding elements.
  • Channel Description – As funny as this might sound, there are lots of YouTubers who have been vlogging for years now without a channel description. If you’re guilty, now is the time to fix that. Your channel description tells your audience what the channel is all about and the kind of content to expect. The first impression is vital, so use this element to wow them.
  • Channel Trailer – Trailers are what create anticipation about things you’re yet to see. You have watched lots of them, especially of your favorite shows and movies. The trailer is the only opportunity you have to wow your first visitors. Make it punchy and infuse your brand and personality. If possible, get a great video maker to handle your channel trailer is you’re not yet skilled in video editing.
  • Video Titles And Description – Here is a strong element as long as SEO is concerned. Before you publish your video, ensure that your target keywords are in your video titles and description. That way, YouTube will know what your video is all about.
  • Tags – Another way to make sure that your videos get enough visibility on search result are tags. Use relevant tags relating to the video or niche.
  • Engage – Videos that have the most engagement rank high on YouTube. That is because YouTube automatically feels that people love the content and as thus, recommend and rank it higher. Create engagement, always ask questions at the end of your videos, and encourage them to comment. Replying to their comments is something you should always do since it increases engagement.

4. Create Amazing Videos

Create Amazing Videos

I have seen lots of videos with incredible potentials, but they failed to make it to the limelight due to poor graphics or sound. To promote your channel, you need to invest in a good DSLR camera.

If you can’t afford that, there are lots of smartphones today that come with mind-blowing video quality like the iPhone.

Edit your videos and make them interesting to watch. Make sure the lighting is right, and the microphone.

Watch how other channels are doing theirs, as it would give you ideas. Being a YouTuber entails being creative, both with how you introduce your subject, discussion, and closing. Your presentation matters a lot, and it’s a skill you will improve on as you practice.

The best tip is to take a look at successful YouTubers in your niche and observe how they make their videos. You can steal some ideas and make yours even better.

5. Run Contests Or Giveaways

Run Contests Or Giveaways

YouTube users love it when their favorite channels run contests or giveaways. Through this promotional technique, you’re able to create engagement, get more views and subscribers.

However, you need to be sure you’re doing it right, to avoid attracting users with the gift mentality.

When running a contest, ensure that you’re gifting something related to your brand. However, desist from running numerous giveaways so as not to end up losing time, money, and resources.

Your gifts shouldn’t be what keep your audience; it should serve as a thank you gesture. Only give away what you can afford to lose without having to break the bank or your finance.

6. Organize Your Videos Through A Playlist

Organize Your Videos Through A Playlist

If you plan to create tons of videos covering different themes, then you should create a playlist. It serves as a category that helps keep your videos organized.

It makes searching for videos easy, compared to when everything is mixed up.

With a playlist, your viewers are more likely to binge-watch your videos. When a video ends, another video in the playlist starts to play, which leads to more views and earning.

7. Collaboration


Even the most prominent YouTubers have used this strategy, and the result was insane.

If you want to promote your YouTube channel, you need to collaborate with other creators in your niche. I love this tip because it exposes your channel to a new audience who would be interested in your content.

Since a user they trust is collaborating with you, it makes them trust and follow you automatically.

You need to do some work in finding the right partner, someone who shares the same passion with your brand and personality.

An example of a powerful collaboration is that of BuzzFeed and Purina. If you take a look at the video, you will discover that it doesn’t appear promotional, which is a good thing for your viewers.

8. Promote Using Social Media

Promote Using Social Media

When you publish a new video, one effective way to promote it is through social media. You should frequently promote your YouTube channel or videos to your followers and persuade them to become subscribers.

You can decide to create a teaser, then urge them to watch the remaining part on YouTube. Take note that this only works if your contents offer value to the audience.

If they feel the material is worth watching, they will leave their favorite social media platform to watch your video.

Posting the link to your video is not enough. A short description of what the video is all about always performs better.

Follow relevant groups in your niche and promote your channel without care. Not only is would this get you some views, but it is also great for SEO.

How Do You Promote Your YouTube Channel?

The fact is that growing a YouTube channel is not easy. Anyone who says it’s easy deserves a smack in the head. I am probably kidding!

However, you can dominate your space if you are consistent and smart when it comes to promotion.

Now tell me, which is these techniques do you often used when promoting your channel?

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