5 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Keep Blogging

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How To Motivate Yourself To Keep Blogging

Let’s face the truth; blogging can be tiresome. Most notably, at the initial stage, when there is zero activity on your blog. The first few days of blogging comes with lots of excitement and passion. But as you fish out contents, you find the morale gradually going down. You find yourself asking;

“Is this the path for me?”

I know exactly how you feel, and I have been there numerous times. Getting demotivated is perfectly normal, and it doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong track. Far from it! But most times, the cause of this ugly feeling often spans from comparison with other established bloggers, like Linda Ikeji.

Most times, they become a beacon of inspiration. Some other times, you find yourself depressed cause it just seems very hard.

As if that isn’t enough, the so-called gurus would tell you how SEO is the backbone of your online journey, and you remember how this aspect of blogging isn’t working out smoothly. When you ponder on this, a thought might flash through your memory, telling you to quit.

What if I told you that before every success, there were moments of doubts, failures, and depression? You cannot hit the gold without hitting hard on the ground for weeks and months. If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that nothing good comes on a platter of gold. You must work for it until it becomes yours.

I was speaking with a blogger yesterday. The fact is, he inspired me to write this article because I was able to relate to his struggle.

He started blogging three months ago, and there is yet to be a buzz. He aimed to make a full-time living blogging without having to work for anyone. But to him, it seems this path isn’t going to work out. No subscribers, no views, and no comment!

When the change we envision doesn’t seem to come, we get depressed, sad, and demotivated. Well, you shouldn’t be.

In this article, I am going to guide you on how to keep the motivation burning. Remember, it is your choice to make at the end of the day.

1. Re-Discover Your Motive

Someone told me that there could never be motivation without motive. I couldn’t agree more. Without an actual cause, I am sorry you will never be motivated to keep blogging. Your motive is your purpose of blogging, the REASON why you want to blog.

Many people are blogging to attain financial fulfillment. Some others are rich already, but blogging to share their knowledge in a particular field. Others simply love the fame and recognition it gives.

When you discover your MOTIVE, your end reward, it motivates you to keep pushing even when it’s hard.

You are an entrepreneur, and the journey of an entrepreneur is never a rosy one. When you discover MOTIVE, the passion for attaining that becomes your heartbeat.

My motive for creating Bloghomies isn’t only to motivate, guide, and build up bloggers like you. I also want to be able to make money, travel around the world, and live a life of fulfillment.

Your motive must not be one. It could be two, three, or maybe more than three. The point is, these motives got you to start blogging, and only those motives would keep you blogging.

2. Nothing Good Comes Easy

Nothing Good Comes Easy

Whenever I want to motivate, I don’t fail to use this phrase over and over again. Nothing good comes easy, not even internet scamming. Many people usually delve into internet scamming when a legit online business fails to work out. In fact, internet scamming has dominated the Nigerian business community.

After a few weeks in the illegal business, they discover that even crime takes effort and strength. Building something from scratch demands more than just motives and dreams. You need to put in the work and convince the universe you deserve it.

I am not a spiritual person, but I believe that whatever we want, we can get them by consistently working toward them. You need to be obsessed with seeing your dream come true. That obsession would compel you to put in the work, to do everything necessary to make it.

Thomas Edison was obsessed with the light bulb. Despite falling over 1000 times, it didn’t stop him. Henry Ford was obsessed with his vision. Even when his business failed numerous times, he kept pushing!

After you have discovered your motive, you need to put in the work. Does being a successful blogger mean publishing high-quality content? If yes, then you need to put in the work. Does being a successful blogger has anything to do with marketing? You need to put in the work.

When you follow the right course, it would always work in your favor. Nothing good comes easy; you have to work for it. Hard work, coupled with smart work, still produces a tremendous result.

Every successful person you see today once passed through this ugly feeling. They struggled to published content. They struggled to stick to a schedule or to promote their content. They struggled almost in everything. Do you know what set them aside from the failures? They never quit. Even when it is hard, they kept pushing until they hit the gold.

3. Partner With Other Bloggers

Partner With Other Bloggers

If you’re looking for how to motivate yourself, then you need to start connecting with bloggers like yourself. When you belong to a group of people with the same vision and purpose, the motivation to work on your dream becomes enormous.

When they are working on their dream, you find yourself motivated to work on yours. When these bloggers published a pillar post, it would urge you to do the same. It is not magic; it is merely the power of association.

But when you blog with no friend to say hi too, you quickly lose focus. You feel almost alone in the struggle, whereas you aren’t.

When I started my first blog, I was more focused on potential readers and not bloggers. That was a mistake I would never make again. Not only do bloggers help you stay motivated, but they would also help in terms of guest posts and backlinks. Connect to bloggers in your country, and beyond. If you’re in Nigeria, there are lots of Facebook groups you can join.

Sometimes, you can interview them or run a collaboration campaign. The things you can accomplish with an association like this are countless. Your first step to doing this is subscribing to my email list. That way, you and I will be conversing on how to build a successful blog! Wouldn’t that be great?

4. Be Patient!

Be Patient for blogging

I know this is very hard, especially when you have bills to pay. Take a break and be patient. Blogging is not a career that blows you up overnight. It could take you three months, six months, or even more than a year.

The most important thing is being consistent in what you do. Never lose sight of hard work and never stop trying to promote yourself.

The thing is, when you put on the work, you will start getting results pretty soon. Here are the key ingredients:

If you can master these, you will start seeing the result in less than three months of blogging. While you work pretty hard on your blog, be patient, and await some impressive buzz.

5. A Side Hustle

 A Side Hustle

At the moment, is blogging all you do? As a new blogger, I wouldn’t advise focusing solely on blogging as a means of income. Unless perhaps you’re freaking rich and blogging just for fun. In that case, ignore this.

But if you aim to make money blogging, then you need another side hustle that would supplement your income. You know why? You might not make a dime in your first six months.

When I started, I was into freelance writing. Although a lot of gigs didn’t give me much time to focus on blogging, I was able to make money to keep me going.

I need money to stay on the internet, pay electricity bills, pay rent, and even feed. Without these essential needs, my journey in blogging would be cut short.

In your early stages of blogging, get something that spills in money into your account. You could be working as a waitress, security jobs, babysitting, house cleaning, etc.  There are lots of things that you can do and make money while you wait for your blog to mature.

When you have another stream of income, you will find yourself positive and passionate to work. But blogging on an empty stomach is something that would never work.

Your Turn!

If you can relate to this feeling of getting demotivated to blog, please share your experience using the comment box. If you need further help, I would be on standby to help you out of the rut. Till then, don’t forget to subscribe and follow my social handles.

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