7 Incredible Ways To Take Care Of Your Employees

What do you think will happen to your business if your employees are unhappy? Have you ever considered the possibility that your employees may be discontented?

About 80% of Nigerians say they are unhappy with their job. In the US, the rates of unhappy employees are 85%.

What does that mean, and what impact can this have on your business?

To properly understand the business world and how things operate, I was forced to become an employee after graduation.

While working as a Public Relations Officer, I was able to amass priceless experiences that helped me understood why some businesses fail and others don’t.

Successful businesses have one thing in common – they love spoiling their employees with lots of rewards, recognitions, and praises.

Due to this fact, these employees feel like a formidable part of the business. They work passionately, knowing that their work is essential and life-changing.

If you must succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to master these seven (7) incredible ways to take care of your employees.

A happy employee will take your business to success, while an unhappy employee can spell doom before you can even say jack.

Without further ado, let’s get into business on how you can take care of your employees.

1. Treat Your Employees As Equals

Treat Your Employees As Equals

Irrespective of the ranks, the positions, or offices, treating your employees as equals facilitate healthy relationships.

When some employees feel belittled, unrecognized, or underappreciated, it can spring up some negative feelings that will affect their productivity.

Remember, your business is like a family, and you must carry everyone along. When you fail, attaining your business goals and objectives becomes hard.

The way you talk to the cleaner, the cashier, and the accountant or customer care agent shouldn’t be different.

Talk to everyone in the same calm and respective tone of voice.

Your employees are humans with feelings, and treating them equally like other high-ranking employees is the way to make them feel at home.

When your employees are happy, productivity will skyrocket, and your business will boom!

2. Provide Them With Benefits

Provide Them With Benefits

If you want to take care of your employees, or perhaps prove to them that you care, begin with benefits.

Sometimes, a word alone isn’t enough. It would help if you took some actions to convince your employees that, indeed, they are important and valued.

There are many ways to provide them with benefits, and you can work with your team to diverse a suitable one.

When you take care of your employees by offering some tangible benefits, they will fall in love with you and your business.

When you work with happy employees, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

It gets to a stage where your employees aren’t working for the paycheck, but for the business’s growth, which they see as home.

Unfortunately, many business owners or entrepreneurs prefer to shout, belittle, or even insult their employees when they fall short of expectation.

They are your workers doesn’t make them slaves. They are humans, with family, responsibilities, and problems.

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3. Listen To Their Ideas

Listen To Their Ideas

Before writing this article, I had a chat with a female security officer where I work.

Nigeria’s Independence Day is just a few days away, and I needed ideas on how to celebrate such a special day with customers.

Although I came up with a few ideas of my own, this female security officer gave me tips that utterly blew my mind.

I was grateful for her ideas, and she was thrilled when I told her I am going to implement her ideas instead of my own.

Honestly, her ideas were better than mine.

As an entrepreneur, it isn’t a must to have all the ideas and wisdom. When you give your employees a chance, you’d be surprised how much they know.

Do not evaluate their capacity based on their job positions, as most of them can perform far beyond what they are doing.

When you take their ideas and translate them into reality, your employees will feel valued, listened to, and recognized.

4. Pay Them What They Deserve

Pay Them What They Deserve

Are you underpaying your employees, taking advantage of them because of the high unemployment rate?

Perhaps you even feel as if you’re doing them a favor. Who knows, maybe you often threaten to fire them.

If you have such an attitude as an entrepreneur, manager, or business owner, your business is operating on borrowed time.

If you want to motivate your employees to give their all to your business, it is paramount you pay them for what they worth.

If possible, pay them more than they worth, and watch as they manage your business as if it is theirs.

If they are working tirelessly for your business with nothing to show for it, then you’re a terrible manager or entrepreneur.

When employees are paid for what they are worth, not only will it boost productivity, it will prevent them from leaving for another job.

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5. Loud Recognition

Loud Recognition

If you want to give recognition to any of your employees, don’t do it in secret.

There are small victories worth celebrating every day at work, and it is crucial you celebrate them with your team.

When you recognize them for their efforts, they feel motivated to achieve more no matter how little.

You don’t need to do anything crazy or monumental.

By acknowledging the moment out loud in the office, you create the required impact necessary for growth.

Not only will the recognized employee work to achieve more, but you also inspire others to aim for such victories.

Unfortunately, most business owners or managers only recognize their employees when there is a mistake.

They often exhibit their dissatisfaction by raising their voices or deducting some percentage from the employee’s paycheck.

If you want to take care of your employees, recognize them for their hard work, and correct them in secret when they fall short.

6. Create A Fun Working Environment

Create A Fun Working Environment

Another incredible way to take care of your employees is to create a conducive and fun working environment.

Although most of the things already mentioned in this article help create a positive environment, there is also a need to ensure the surroundings are inspiring.

You don’t need to drop a swing in the office to make it a fun place.

To do this, all you need is to organize some hours for treats, game nights, or even work picnic.

Things like this will help you bond with your employees. Also, it facilitates a healthy relationship amongst your employees.

If your employees work with the right frame of mind, it will help them work passionately and happily.

Also, make sure the seats, desk, computers, and some office accessories are in good condition.

After all, it is part of creating a fun working environment.

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7. Ask About Their Personal Lives

Ask About Their Personal Lives

When I had my first employee, I tried to desist from making our relationship personal.

I was afraid that I might mess up my business’s professional atmosphere if I get too close.

However, I was WRONG!

If you aim to create an environment where workers see your business as home and fellow employees as families, there is a need to go personal.

Imagine yourself as an employee. You just arrived, and your manage ask:

“Good morning James, how is your family? Hope Kingsley, your son, passed the recent exam he took?”

No doubt, you will beam with smiles as you interact with your manager.

For a moment, you feel recognized, valued, and loved. Such interactions show that you care, and people can do anything for you if you care for them.

So, never be afraid to go personal, as that might be what you need to grow your business and become a strong brand.

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If you want to achieve business success, taking time to care about your workers will make a tremendous difference.

They are humans, not robots!

They have feelings, dreams, family, responsibilities, passion, and problems too. Treat them nicely, and always look for ways to appreciate them.

When your employees are treated in a respectful and friendly manner, they will stick around till you’ve achieved all your business goals.

But if you’re always shouting at your employees instead of praises, their morale goes down the drain.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t want that! Treat your employees nice, and watch them reach milestones upon milestones.

What other ways do you think entrepreneurs can use to take care of their employees?  

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