5 Unusual Marketing Strategies That Will Blow Your Mind

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7 Unusual Marketing Strategies That Will Blow Your Mind

It seems as if we’re plunging into a second round of the pandemic. Just when we thought we’re taking a step to normalcy, our Indian brothers and sisters started dropping dead one after another. By strange circumstances, the virus seems to be raging havoc at astonishing speed.

Aside from the loss of lives, it has disrupted the economy of India, causing many households to dwell in hunger. Entrepreneurs and small businesses are now utilizing unusual marketing strategies if they must survive.

Mind you, these odd approaches can be applied from anywhere, irrespective of your country and type of business. How was I able to get my hands on these seemingly incredible strategies that work?

Well, you wouldn’t believe it. It started like a game of dare, and then I dared myself to reach out to digital marketers all around the world. How can businesses, especially those hit the most by COVID-19 survive?

I went to the dark side of the internet and I found top professionals who were enthusiastic to share their unique tip. A few of them tipped me $50 for taking the time to interview them. Since the COVID-19, this was the first time they interacted and spoke with a human with a soul. I was flattered, and remembering it all still makes me chuckle.

The priceless experience and the unusual marketing strategies makes this article a premium. I should have reserved it only to my paid subscribers.

But I said no, to what end?

I want you to succeed, and I don’t care if you’re my subscriber or not. To hell with that!

 But if you’re blessed so much by it, you can always buy me a coffee. But the point is, we aren’t discussing common or standard ways of advertising, we were going beyond mere SEO, Social Media, blah blah blah.

In Chadwick Boseman’s voice, “We don’t do that here!”

Let’s get the party started already!

1. Use Your Car’s License Plate

Use Your Car’s License Plate to promotw your business

You might not know this, but your car license plate commands a lot of attention. It’s even better if your car is appealing which means people will be checking your license plate often to know the type of car.

To promote your business using your license plate, you can immediately opt for a customized license plate. If your business’s name is Nike, imagine having that as your plate number.

If you run a website, YouTube channel, podcast, or maybe you’re trying to promote your brick and mortar store, rest assured that this approach works.

While you’re stuck in traffic, your brand is amassing traffic and making you more money. This approach demands you to be creative, to come up with something that someone would like to check out.

2. Use Ravens

Use Ravens

If you use this strategy, chances are that your business will go viral overnight. Ravens during the medieval era were used to send messages to and fro.

But, how can a business use this approach to promote, and how does that trigger the viral button?

I will tell you how.

This approach is best for pitching offers, not really to sell to numerous audiences. However, this one pitch has the capacity to get you your first thousands of dollars gig.

Maybe you’re a tech developer, and you’re looking to pitch directly to the hiring manager. This time, instead of using Gmail, you’re going to be using a raven.

If you were lucky enough to get a raven, you have work to do before you could see the result. Also remember, the reward will be a mouthful of pie. First thing first, you have to be in proximity with your target.

You probably don’t want your raven going on a seven days journey, would you?

If you get $50 for an average gig, you’ll be getting $500 for doing the same average product. The only difference here is that you’re pitching to the big dogs and they are always looking for freelancers to dump their money on.

But, you have to prove your value first!

Sometimes you can’t get them through mails due to the overwhelming amount of mails they get. But what if early sunny morning, they watched a raven perched on their window with your business card attached to one of their legs?

Not only will this experience be the most memorable for the dear hiring manager, he will be employing you ASAP for such ingenuity.

You have to know your target, and train your raven to deliver to the specific location. Remember, this is a one time pitch that could turn your career around.

Since journalists are always looking for a cool and unusual story, you might soon see yourself on the screens. Be ready for the fame!

3. Give a customer a piglet

Give a customer a piglet

If your business has been dry lately, and it seems the numbers are going down, what you should do to get the needed attention is an odd approach.

Though it will cost you, this approach will set your brand apart for years to come. Imagine you’re to call your last customer now, telling them to come to take a piglet for being a loyal customer.

Even if you refuse sharing such an endeavor in your social handles, onlookers who saw you hand over a piglet to a customer are bound to find out the full story.

Before you could say Jack Robinson, your name will be on the papers as the business man or woman that gave a piglet to their last customer.

Surely, they will want to know all the WHYs, and this will accord you the exposure needed to market your business.

If your business can afford a piglet, randomly select a customer who doesn’t have opposing views regarding piglet, and watch the magic happen.

This trick is perfect for both physical and online businesses.

4. Sticker Bombing

Sticker Bombing

Let’s say you’re targeting job seekers to help them review their resume for a few bucks, what do you do?

An unusual way will demand an approach only a few had conceived. That is Sticker Bombing. To execute this marketing strategy, you first have to identify your targets and their meeting points.

If you’re targeting job seekers, where do job seekers hang out the most? They shop for groceries, they watch movies, they board transport buses and even more, go to church, mosque or fast-food restaurants.

When you discover your market and their most frequented places, you’re half way done with this strategy.

The next thing you’ll need to do is print a simple and yet catchy sticker that you can paste on these ideal places. You’re going to print a whole lot of them, and paste them on the places your targets frequent the most.

If you’re running a YouTube channel or blog, you can even get more subscribers by using sticker bombing. Through the link or barcode on your sticker, you’ll be getting subscribers and views nonstop.

The best part, more and more people will keep seeing the stickers everywhere they go. Imagine tapping into their subconscious mind. Coca-Cola have been doing it without spending millions of dollars, you too can. Take note, it comes with a risk since not all places allow pasting of stickers.

Ensure it’s totally safe before trying out this approach.

5. Use Tinder

Use Tinder

Do you know the number of people that see your Tinder bio every day? If you’re fond of getting lots of likes and matches, this could be used to promote your business. Tread with caution, so you don’t by any means come off as unappealing.

A sentence in your bio is enough to get you a client. If they like you, they definitely might like your passions too. This strategy is like killing two birds with one stone. Perhaps along the line, your big client could become the lover you’re been dreaming for.

Many think that Tinder could be used only for love and hookups, but the 1% are using Tinder to not only find love, but as a big financial breakthrough.

You can’t make money with your beauty alone, when you don’t have any source where investments can run to. People are likely to invest on someone with a running business, than someone who doesn’t even know left from right.

Your appearance is the first hook when it comes to social dating laws, but your intelligence and passion in life could be your ultimate selling point.

It shows you’re responsible, and people are more likely to invest in people they love. When next you open Tinder, treat it both as a business and a dating tool. If you can upgrade to Tinder Ultimate, Gold or Plus, it will even give you higher exposure.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored ad for Tinder!

Take Away!!!

There are lots of other unusual ways which you can utilize to market your business or skills. Perhaps I’ll make them all known in my next article. But before then, I have an offer for you. Do you ever wonder why you’re able to work projects given to you by clients, but find it hard executing yours?

There are personalities of people who perform well by working under a boss. Though they don’t want to be an employee, they can’t perform on their own without someone to answer to.

I remember starting by first business, and how the spirit of indecision and lack of discipline, responsibility and accountability delayed my progress.

Writing a 500 words article under 30-minutes is possible with a client, but not possible when writing for myself. Sounds like you? Well, what helped was hiring a coach, and the result was never what i expected. 

I have the wealth of experience, knowledge and skill to coach and guide you. I’ll be giving you calls, text messages, or emails depending on your preferred channel.

I will help you every step of the way.

Depending on your need as a person, we can work out a program that works for you and boost your productivity.

Maybe you want to write a book, write a program, study, learn a new skill, or try something crazy. You may never be able to do them without someone hyping you up, motivating, guiding, and helping you with resources.

And the fact that this is someone you hired will even compel you further to improve, progress, and get better since you will want value for your money.

Hire me as your coach, and watch how much you achieve in the next couple of weeks.

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