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About Us


Our story starts way back, when Henry Ibeleme pushed the button.

Bloghomies was founded by Henry Ibeleme, and the vision is to contribute quality articles to the internet, while providing immense value to the common man.

If you’re an aspiring or established entrepreneur, or perhaps a manager or student, you’ll find our guides resourceful, thereby helping you to navigate into success and wisdom.

All our articles are researched and regularly updated.

Furthermore, we always engage in humanitarian services, to help the needy in these trying times.

Remember, while you’re chasing money, there are millions out there chasing for their next breath.

We are glad to be able to change life through your donations.


Come work with us

If you would like to work for an organization, making a real impact through content creation and support, do contact us with your cv attached.

In as much as you're not being paid for your services, we expect some certain degree of professionalism in any skill you claim to posses.

We can't wait to work with you!

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