Bloghomies was founded by Henry Ibeleme, in 2020, with an aim to guide many into self-sufficiency.

We share business ideas and investments, entrepreneurial tips, and guides.

The aim is simple, to break them down in such a way that you will not lack the confidence to begin.

To better trust our articles, here are some of the processes we undergo!


Without research, most of our articles will not be published.

That is because we need to be Factual and Correct, to avoid misleading the entire populace.

Since most of our articles are about business ideas and investments, we walk the extra mile to speak to experts and gurus in the field.

All it takes from us is data, time, a few phone calls, and little tips.


After gathering all the necessary materials and information, we began typing.

This process is strenuous, since it involves lots of cut-offs and rewrite. Aside from researching, writing takes a huge chunk of our time.

This is because we have to make our grammar usage simple and easy to understand. That way, you don’t make any financial mistakes.


This is the stage where we chill under a beautiful tree and pray for inspiration.

In this stage, we garnish the writing so it is fun to read.

We do not want to bore you, so we go straight with a punch!

This stage is also where we avoid murdering you with grammar mistakes. It’s a common mistake that can happen.


Since we’re using WordPress, we have to format the article by using headings, bold, italics, images, and links.

When we link out to outside sources, rest assured that they are genuine and trusted. It’d be better if you take a look at our privacy policy page for more insight.

Formating takes time, and the aim is to make reading easy.

That is why we have short paragraphs, lots of line breaks, headings, boxes and images.

We deserve a hug!


Thanks for being part of this business community.

All it takes is to bookmark this page, and binge read all the articles you’ve missed.

If you’re a terrific writer and you want to be a contributor, please contact and pitch your article idea.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications of new posts.

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