Life is a puzzle, and we often get discontented the more we acquire. The key to life and fulfillment is discovering your path, succeeding in that path, and living life as simple as possible. This platform is a guide to your path.


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Mr. Homies



Call me Mr. Homies, a certified entrepreneur who have succeeded in hacking the secret to life and success. Do follow me using the social buttons above.

Are you tired of the rat race? A race of acquiring and acquiring and yet, you feel empty and discontented? I am not just an entrepreneur, I am a minimalist and I believe that you can live the life of your dream, be happy, successful in your career without cluttering your life with irrelevancies. 


The key to your happiness is not wealth, it is succeeding in a career you love, achieving financial stability, and detaching yourself from HUSTLE in today’s world. You can live simply, yet happy and fulfilled.



I will guide you on to make money; be successful in your path. I will also guide you on the path to happiness, since it cannot be equated with money.



At the point of starting this blog, I had a vision. To bring sanity in a world devoid in chaos. What you need is not money, it is success and fulfillment. That can only come when you’re successful in your path, either as a blogger, vlogger, influencer, freelancer or entrepreneur. 


I Promise you, the journey is going to be exciting. Although it won’t be easy, but it would be fun.



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