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Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs

Last Updated on December 15, 2020 by Henry Ibeleme

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs [2020 GUIDE]

Making money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria is something I often don’t understand.

That was years ago, when I began as a blogger. At first, it seems so complicated and cumbersome.

Instead of sitting down to learn how it is done, I decided to play it safe by sticking only to Google AdSense.

Not until I read the income report of one of my competitors and found out that 80% of his income was from affiliate marketing.

Do you know what I did? I slapped myself numerous times for being stupid.

Em, not a physical slap, though. But I was furious for being a dummy.

Without wasting time, I began learning about how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Today, I am glad to say it wasn’t in vain.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, freelance writer, vlogger, or entrepreneur.

The fact is that you can make money selling products that aren’t yours. If you play the ball well, you might not even consider Google AdSense if you’re a blogger or YouTuber.

Before I teach you how it’s done, let’s first understand what affiliate marketing is.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing that rewards you based on how many people order for products and services through your link.

In other words, you make money by convincing people to buy products using your link.

The reward is called commission, and please don’t allow it to confuse you.

Now that you’ve discovered what affiliate marketing is, how does this work? It’s pretty simple.

The first step is to find a good marketing program, sign up, and wait for the approval.

When you’ve been approved, you will get access to your affiliate links, banners, text links, etc.

These are what people will click to buy a product. When the order is successful, you earn a commission immediately

how affiliate marketing works Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

You can use these links on your blog, YouTube, or even on social media.

When interested people click on your link, they get redirected to the product site to complete the order.

On your dashboard or account, you will know how many orders you have obtained and earning.

Making money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria is easy, especially if you partner with the right affiliate marketing programs.

Without further ado, here are some of the top affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are lots of affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria, and even outside of the country.

But the fact is that you can work with them, promote their products and services, and make money in the process.

The earnings differ from one program to the other, so you might need to study each of the programs and choose one that is best for you.

Here are some of the top affiliate marketing programs you can use to make money here in Nigeria.

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Program through amazon

Making money with affiliate marketing is possible if you use the right platform. Top on our list is Amazon, one of the largest retailers in the world.

Don’t behave as if this is your first time hearing about Amazon. Who knows, you might have even ordered some products from the platform.

To make money through Amazon Associates as it is called, you will need a website or perhaps, a social media presence.

If you think you’ve got that, please proceed to sign up.

The amount you earn depends a lot on the type of item you’re promoting. When someone visits

Amazon through your link and make some orders, you earn some commission instantly.

But if they add a product to their cart, without completing the order, you still have a chance of getting a commission if they come back within 90 days to complete the order.


  • It is effortless to become an affiliate
  • It is a giant retailer that is trusted and well-known
  • There are billions of products you can choose to promote


  • Commissions of some products are low
  • The Amazon program agreement could be challenging to understand
  • Creating contents that promote Amazon product takes efforts

Final Verdict

Amazon’s affiliate program is first on this list for a reason. You can make money with this giant retailer from your blog, YouTube channel, or even through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Whichever path you want to pursue, your aim should be to create content that adds value to your readers. That way, they won’t hesitate to buy products using your links.

2. ClickBank


Here is another affiliate marketing program that you can utilize. Making money with affiliate marketing is possible, especially with a reputable affiliate marketing program like ClickBank.

It has over 6 million digital products that you can promote and make money. In case you don’t know, this affiliate marketplace is one of the popular choices in the world of affiliate marketing.

It is trusted by all who believe in making money online.

There are many products you can choose from, and it’s advisedto choose one that relates to your niche for the best result.

Also, you need to promote only quality products, since there could be low-quality products on the platform that might not be good for your audience.

Some of these harmful products could be these “Get Rich Fast Schemes” and “Money Making Systems,” etc.


  • They have been around since 1998
  • One of the largest affiliate marketing sites online
  • Thousands of digital products to promote
  • Payments are always made on time
  • You can set your own payment threshold


  • The appearance of the platform looks old
  • Lots of scammy products
  • Low-quality products come with forceful sales tactics
  • Lots of negative reviews of ClickBank.

Final Verdict

Many affiliate marketers believe in ClickBank; there are so many others who don’t. 

If this affiliate marketing marketplace sounds like a headache, there are numerous others you can try.

But if you’re experienced, you can make a lot of money, ClickBank. All you need to do is promote good and reliable products.

With Click Bank, you can promote products like SEMRush, CovertKit, and so many others.

3. AliExpress Affiliate Program

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs through aliexpress

Another medium for making money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria is through this large eCommerce platform.

Why I love AliExpress is because you can earn high commissions. Not forgetting, the payment threshold is very low.

You can withdraw your earnings once it each $16 on or perhaps before the 20th of each month.

You can choose from various banners for your promotion, or perhaps stick to links.

There are millions of products to promote, and you make money for every successful order.

Although making $1000 a month from AliExpress is very unrealistic, according to numerous affiliate marketers. Why is it so?

Also, the commission rates and the 3-day cookie would limit your earnings a great deal.


  • It comes with a simple user interface
  • Tons of themes to choose
  • Search engine optimization features
  • Auto-translation feature, etc.


  • Low commission rates
  • The 3-day cookie can ultimately limit your earnings

Final Verdict

I haven’t worked with AliExress, but numerous users believe they are great when it comes to affiliate marketing.

When they are ranked side by side with other affiliate marketing programs, they always make the cut.

Which means that the program is excellent and worth giving a trial.

4. Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia Affiliate Program Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make money through affiliate marketing, but lack trust on foreign platforms like ClickBank or AliExpress, you should consider this Nigerian based affiliate program.

Jumia is an online shopping platform, just like Amazon. However, it is only for people Nigeria Ghana, Egypt, Cameroon, Kenya, Morocco, and Ivory Coast.

With Jumia, you can earn over 11% commission from products, which is incredible if you ask me.

Aside from that, you can still make money 30 days after the person click on your affiliate link. Awesome, right?

There are thousands of products you can promote, ranging from clothes, phones, home appliances, fresh foods, etc.

By using Jumia, you can turn your blog or social media handle to a money-making machine.

Some from Nigeria recently made millions, thereby showing the potentials in affiliate marketing.


  • It is a Nigerian based
  • Payment is straightforward and can be sent directly to your Nigerian bank account
  • Tons of products to promote
  • Trusted and reliable


  • Negative reviews about the platform online
  • Some of the products can be low quality

Final Verdict

You probably had ordered a lot of things from Jumia, Nigeria.

Perhaps it was a phone, wears or other products they offer for sale. I am using Jumia affiliate in my tech blogs, and the earnings are insane.

To make the most from Jumia Affiliate, all you need to do is signup and promote your link for orders.

If you do it well, and you’ll be getting alerts regularly from Jumia.

5. Shopify Affiliate Program

shopify affiliate

In the world of eCommerce, Shopify is one of the big players where you can start a store online.

But for the sake of this article, let’s take a look at Shopify’s affiliate marketing. Is it worth it? The answer is a big yes.

And the good thing is, there are numerous ways you can make money through Shopify.

Shopify makes it easy to share landing pages using your referral tracker. With that, you can earn per sale of up to $2000.

Phew! That figure is enormous, but you can breathe now.

Another way to earn from Shopify is to design themes for the platform, or perhaps develop apps and earn over 80% per sale.

But if you’re not a programmer, then you can earn money by referring people to join Shopify.

There are numerous plans, with their diverse prices. You can earn over 200% per referral, which is incredible.

But for that to happen, you will need a blog where you write blog posts teaching people how to sell online.

At the end of your blog post, you can drop an affiliate link which they can use to sign up. If successful, you earn immediately. Making money with affiliate marketing is possible, especially with Shopify.


  • Live chat available in case you need help
  • There is a personal affiliate manager always ready to help you out
  • High commission
  • Fast payout


  • Not Available

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

After choosing the ideal affiliate marketing program of your choice, here is what you should do before applying.

1. Create A Blog/Youtube

Starting a blog or a YouTube Channel is very easy. There are no technicalities, as you don’t need to be a badass programmer.

With a blog or YouTube channel, you will be able to create killer blog posts or videos that you can use to promote your affiliate links.

2. Choose A Niche

Your niche would determine the kind of products you promote.

If you’re going into phone reviews, promoting Jumia phones would be the best ideal. Perhaps you can start a blog about selling online, in which you will have to promote Shopify and make money.

Ensure that your niche is not competitive if you want to succeed.

3. Join The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

You can join more than one affiliate program. It is entirely up to you. But you should choose one that best fits your niche.

There is no need to rush the process, as you need to calm down and apply. That is because they have the right to turn down your application.

4. Create Good Contents

After you have been approved, now is the time to create content that allows you to promote your links.

For a phone review blog, you can pick up any device and review, then include a link at the end for readers who want to buy.

The same method can be applied to other products.

5. Be Patient

Affiliate marketing is not something that makes you a millionaire overnight. You need to first focus on delivering value.

When your readers are satisfied with your reviews or article, they are most likely to order products through your links.

At the initial stage, your plan should be to build a good brand.

Over To You!

Making money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria is possible if you’re determined.

There are lots of people making thousands of dollars every month. If they did it, you could do it too.

All you need to do is calm down, and focus mainly on affiliate marketing. The problem with most people is lack of focus.

They want to blog, be a freelance writer, develop an app, and even make money on surveys without any central focus.

The quest to make money is intense, but you won’t make any progress if you lack focus.

Do you want to make money through affiliate marketing? Follow the guide in this article, and you will come back in three months to thank me.

Do you have any questions for me? Use the comment box, and I will respond ASAP!

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