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How To Become A Tiktok Influencer In Nigeria

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Become A Tiktok Influencer In Nigeria

Influencers always intrigue me, due to the phenomenal power they wield. If you want to become a TikTok influencer in Nigeria, you probably have seen the incredible potential.

According to Omnicoreagency, this social media platform crossed over one billion users. Imagine what will happen if you can tap into that market.

If you can succeed in amassing a large number of followers on TikTok, you will be making lots of money from endorsements and adverts.

TikTok works similarly like Instagram, except that you’ll be growing your influencer brand using TikTok.

The number of TikTok users is on the rise, and there is every chance you’ve been coming across numerous TikTok videos.

Well, now is the time to join the industry and create a unique brand for yourself. Don’t you agree?

Oh Yes! Before you start this journey, how does this social media platform work?

How Does Tiktok Works?

The algorithm of TikTok is the type that once your content gets a handful of views and shares; it gets recommended to more people.

That way, the chances of a video going viral is incredibly huge.

When you upload a video on TikTok, the system recommends the video to users in between viral videos.

After a while, the algorithm will analyze the hours watched, the number of shares, and likes.

If the numbers are impressive, the system will be like, “Well, many users are watching this video.

Let me recommend it to more people.” Before you know it, you’ve gone viral.

The platform is mainly for entertainment, where you can post videos of about 15 to 60 seconds. What I love so much are often the challenges.

You get to watch numerous users do a challenge, which is sometimes what you must do to get discovered.

When you succeed in building a considerable amount of followers, you can make money through ads and sponsorships.

Now, how can you become a TikTok influencer in Nigeria? Let’s begin!

Become A Tiktok Influencer In Nigeria

1. Be Unique

Be Unique

The first step to becoming an influencer in this platform is to be unique.

If there is nothing different about you, potential followers will have no reason to follow you. The only way to be unique is to choose a niche that comes naturally to you.

Here in Nigeria, the majority of TikTok influencers are mainly into comedy skits and challenges.

If you’re confident that you can do comedy, by all means, go ahead.

But if you’re not sure, take some time by watching what others are doing. By creating unique content, you will be surprised by how your followers grow overnight.

You do not need to worry if your contents aren’t unique, but try as much as possible to introduce your style and add a little bit of magic.

When you do something entirely out of the box, your video is most likely to go viral. To get ideas, follow the latest trends, and participate if there is a challenge.

2. Know Your Audience

Whether you want to be a YouTuber, Blogger, or just a TikTok influencer, knowing your target audience is key to success.

Although there are over a billion users on TikTok, that doesn’t mean the whole users are your audience.

Ask yourself, who will want to watch my videos, and why? If you can answer this question, it will help you a lot in marketing.

Your target audience will depend on the kind of content you create. I was going through TikTok a while ago, and I came across an impressive page.

What the influencer does is to create videos of incredible technologies in China. It was a WOW to watch.

He has been able to establish his brand in such a niche, and no doubt, he’s making thousands of dollars from adverts and sponsorship.

To become a TikTok influencer in Nigeria, define your audience and create content that appeals to them. That is the key to making it at the top as an influencer.

3. Know Your Competitors

Know Your Competitors to Become A Tiktok Influencer In Nigeria

In any endeavor that involves fame, power, or money, there is bound to be competition.

The fact is, competition is part of life. I see a lot of people back out from businesses just because of competition. They are like; I don’t have what it takes to beat them.

Knowing your competitors is not the same as engaging in combat with them.

The sky is big enough for everyone to be a star, but you can twinkle more brightly like a star when you learn from your competitors, and make it even better.

Your competitors are TikTok users or influencers who have a similar demographic. Through them, you will be able to get ideas on the content to create.

If you’re smart enough, you can steal some of their ideas and improve them to be better.

For example, if most of your competitors are doing lip-sync videos, you can do the same but with a different song that might seem harder but better.

4. Consistency


If you want to become a TikTok influencer in Nigeria, you need to be ready to put in the effort.

That means you need to be consistent with your videos and the time you upload.

A common mistake most potential influencers make is uploading once in a blue moon.

Let me be honest with you; such an attitude will not take you anywhere near your dream.

When you’re starting, it might seem confusing about the contents to upload. There is no pressure!

Take your time and experiment with tons of concepts and ideas. When there is a video that stood out based on views, likes, and shares, perhaps that is your jackpot.

In that case, you need to stick to that particular video and dominate.

When you’re consistent in uploading a specific type of video, you will be surprised how quickly you dominate that niche.

You can even add some surprise and spices by making videos about your views in life, daily life, travel, etc.

With uniqueness and consistency, the sky is your starting point. A Nigerian influencer that I admire so much is @JustSolomon.

He has been able to emerge by utilizing his physical beauty and TikTok challenges.

5. Interact With Your Followers

Interact With Your Followers to Become A Tiktok Influencer In Nigeria

If you’ve not started getting thousands of comments yet, try as much as you can to reply to comments.

You can also go live and interact with them as it helps them to know you better. If they have been making some requests or asking some questions, don’t hesitate to make a video about them.

It shows you care about their suggestions and opinion.

Becoming an influencer on TikTok is not easy, but the right practice will shoot you to the stars.

Engaging your audience doesn’t only get you more positive feedbacks; it creates a stronger bond between you and your followers.

There are many TikTok influencers like @Lorengray who have over 36 million followers. Yet, they make videos giving their fans a peek at their daily life.

As you journey on this path, you will be getting tons of creative ideas that will help you grow as an influencer here in Nigeria.

6. Promote Your Videos

Promote Your Videos to Become A Tiktok Influencer In Nigeria

After uploading a fantastic video, what else do you do? For most people, they will relax while expecting their video to break the internet.

After a few hours and nothing happened, they get discouraged and quit.

To build a vast audience and become a renowned influencer on TikTok, have in mind that it is not going to be that easy.

If it were, even your dog would be an influencer.

When you upload a new video, don’t hesitate to promote them on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you can create one where you also promote your videos.

The goal is to drive as much traffic to your videos so that it can go viral. Also, you will be able to get tons of followers through that medium.

There are some TikTok users with millions of followers. Yet, it doesn’t stop them from promoting their videos on other platforms.

Take a cue from them, and you will be surprised by the outcome.

How To Increase TikTok Followers And Likes

How To Increase TikTok Followers And Likes

After you have created an account and have uploaded a few videos, you might start wondering if there are some tricks to increasing your followers and likes.

Well, you guessed right. There are tons of tips that you can implore, and I am going to highlight most of them in this section.

1. Perform Duets

To grow your TikTok followers fast, you need to team up with other TikTok users. It is a great way to expose your brand to another fanbase.

With TikTok duet, you can perform with another user without having to meet physically. Cool, right?

2. Learn From The Best

Before you start creating videos on TikTok, take some time and browse the For You section. You will see tons of incredible videos with thousands and millions of views and likes.

Now ask yourself, what makes these videos stand out? Notice their presentation, background music, cuts, entry, exit, and overall delivery.

3. Tiktok Challenges /Trends

To become a TikTok influencer in Nigeria, you might need to get yourself out by participating in challenges.

Since these challenges always come with a unique hashtag, there is every chance that more TikTok users will discover you.

4. Upgrade Your Equipment

To shoot incredible videos, it has to be of clear quality, with clear sound.

If you’re observant, you will notice that some popular TikTok users don’t shoot videos in a messy bedroom or poorly lit room.

Set up your shooting area; invest in some phone tripod, lighting gear, and external microphone.

5. Use Popular Music

TikTok is all about trends, and it will help if you use the latest trendy music on your videos. If you don’t know what is trending, check out the For You section.

No doubt, you will find lots of music that you can use. There are tons of music on TikTok, and they are there for your use.

How TikTok Influencers Make Money

How TikTok Influencers Make Money

The most common way to make money through TikTok is often ads or sponsorship videos.

However, there are other ways too. Some users make money by merely growing an account and selling them.

This practice is becoming more popular, especially in the eCommerce niche.

Aside from that, you can make money through donations, managing influencer campaigns, consulting, or by selling products on TikTok.

I am not going to go in-depth on this topic.

Perhaps I will write another article explaining in detail how you can make money on TikTok.  

But at least, you have a sketchy idea of how it works. Money is not the problem as long as TikTok is concerned.

Focus on growing your account, and making money won’t be something you have to worry about.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Become A Tiktok Influencer In Nigeria

1. Do I Need Money To Begin?

You do not need any money to start. Creating a TikTok account is very easy.

All you have to do is head over to your app’s store and download the app.

But if your smartphone doesn’t have an impressive camera, you might need to buy one that does.

To improve your videos, you can also invest in some lighting gear, microphones, and phone tripods.

2. How Can I Discover My Niche?

To discover your niche, you need to discover what you like.

Take some time and browse through TikTok. Some video would appeal to you, which might be something you can replicate.

3. Can I Make Money From Tiktok?

YES! You can make money from TikTok. But for that to happen, you need to establish yourself as an influencer.

Without tons of followers, you might find it hard fulfilling that dream.


If you want to become a TikTok influencer in Nigeria, you need to be ready.

There are lots of TikTok influencers in Nigeria who are making thousands of dollars monthly. It’s not magic, but hard work.

If you’re serious about becoming an influencer, ensure you subscribe to this blog. I will be publishing helpful tips that will help you on this journey.

Do you have more questions for me? Drop a comment, and I will be here to guide you.

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