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Top 15 Business Blogs In Nigeria You Should Follow

Last Updated on August 9, 2020 by Henry Ibeleme

Business Blogs In Nigeria

Business blogs in Nigeria are growing at a tremendous pace, all thanks to Ibeleme Henry for his unique blogging business model. However, a handful of these Nigerian blogs are not worth visiting. You would find yourself struggling with ads, coupled with confusing interface and navigation.

I took my time to go through tons of business or entrepreneurship blogs in Nigeria, and the majority of their articles offer no value. They are more concerned with quantity than quality, which is saddening. I was blogged in that manner until I learned the hard way.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for blogs that you can follow, this article will be most helpful. They are pretty impressive when it comes to delivering quality content that leaves an impact. Without wasting much time, let’s begin!

1. Bloghomies

Bloghomies is the newest business blog in Nigeria, and so far, its potential is promising. Its target audiences are bloggers, vloggers, freelancers, influencers, and entrepreneurs alike—the platform boast of being a map to any career path you might want to pursue.

Based on the quality of articles published on this platform, it is not a sin to rank this business blog as the top on this list. Unlike numerous of its competitors, it doesn’t clutter your screen with unnecessary ads. The interface is neat, with clear navigational buttons.

What set this blog aside from other Nigerian blogs is mainly the articles. They are in-depth, well-research, formatted, and easy for average readers to understand. If you’re looking for a blog that would guide you to become self-reliant and be your own boss, you might need to consider bookmarking this blog.

2. Wealthresult

Apart from Bloghomies, wealthresult is another blog I admire so much. The only problem, however, is that it seems to be derailing from its niche. Nevertheless, it is one of the best business blogs in Nigeria that you will have fun following.

It offers articles on numerous subjects and even eBooks. Although I have never patronized any of its eBooks, the reviews are encouraging.

If you’re looking for a platform where you can learn about some lucrative business ideas, you might have to consider adding this blog to your bookmark.

3. Invoice.ng

Unlike some mushroom blogs that clutter their page with numerous grammar mistakes, this blog stands out. What I love most is the simple design, which is sleek and beautiful. The brand has an invoice app and a blog section jampacked with lots of business articles.

Although most of its contents are not detailed compared to Bloghomies, the platform has been able to establish itself in the Nigerian blogosphere. I have been considering contributing to the platform, but my mails have proved futile. Perhaps they are too busy with overwhelming emails, or maybe they don’t care.

Overall, it is one of the best business blogs in Nigeria. However, the blog will become better if they could become more responsive to feedback and requests.

4. NaijaEntrepreneur

This blog is supposed to be first on this page. Anyways, it is one of the best Nigerian blogs out there. One of the features I love most is the interviews. The owner of this stunning blog is Samuel Chinedu. According to him, the goal is to help raise and promote the next generation of successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The contents are excellent and offer value and inspiration. The only shortcoming is inconsistency. It has been pretty long since the platform published new articles, perhaps because it has exhausted its topic.

Overall, it is a great platform to learn a few business ideas that would help you succeed.

5. Startuptipsdaily

Stan Edom created this incredible blog, and it is one of the best business blogs in Nigeria. The main aim of this blog is to offer entrepreneurs with business ideas, business plans, and some business tips that ensure success.

If you’re looking to start any business in Nigeria, you might find some helpful resources there. Its articles are in-depth and able to guide you into starting any company of your choice. The only apparent turn off is the hundreds of categories.  But aside from that, it is a great blog to add to your favorite business blog list.

6. EBB

When it comes to business blog owners that inspire me, one of them is Emenike Emmanuel. He started blogging in 2016, and his blog offers tons of helpful insight into advertisements and business promotion. The writing style is unique, an attribute that seems lost in most Nigerian blogs today.

The blog owner is mainly focused on teaching businesses and professionals alike ways to grow their customer base, build a better business brand, and even boost sales.

If you’re running a startup and looking for a platform that teaches you all the nitty-gritty, you might need to check out EBB.

7. TotalEntrepreneurs

Another fantastic blog on the list is Total Entrepreneur. The blog’s approach to specific topics is unique and covers mostly on business and personal development. As an entrepreneur, these are core ingredients you need to become successful.

The contents this blog boost has helped numerous entrepreneurs in Nigeria become better in their chosen career. They also conduct interviews for some businesses to share their success story. Indeed, Total Entrepreneur is deserving of this spot.

8. TheStarta.com

There are a lot of business blogs in Nigeria, but only a few come close to the vision of this blog. Starta believes that Africa will one day produce billion-dollar companies. This blog has been able to help lots of prospective and establish entrepreneurs manage their business.

One feature that gives it an edge is the podcast section, where business owners from all walks of life share their views and stories. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best blogs out there.

9. Abodebusiness.com

Abode business has been in the blogosphere for years. Over the years, it has proven itself to be up to the challenge. The articles are somewhat great, although they can sound robotic and monotonous most times.

If you’re looking for business ideas or ways to make money, that is the ideal blog. The blog has massive potentials, and there is a chance it will grow to become an authority in the nearest future.

10. Utibeetim.com

Another stunning blog you should never underrate is Utibeetim. The owner is a web developer who has managed to establish a business blog that covers business news and funding opportunities.

If you’re looking to start a business, it could be an excellent place to start. It has tons of helpful business resources and business plans. Regarding business plans, it would be best you work with a professionals business consultant to help write a plan that is unique to your business. Business plan templates aren’t what you need.

11. VenturesAfrica

This blog deserves the top spot, but life is not always fair, you know. This blog is, by far, one of the best business blogs in Nigeria that you should follow. The platform provides news regarding policy, business, and innovation.

The owner of this blog, Uzodinma Iweala, is the son of the former minister of finance, Okonji Iweala. Being the mind behind this platform proves that entrepreneurs can emerge from anywhere. The question is often ‘when.’

12. Odeshi.com

First of all, the name ‘odeshi’ is quite hilarious. If you’re an Igbo, you will understand that the name means bulletproof. Will it be okay to call him a bulletproof entrepreneur? He might probably like the name. However, the blog is not about jokes but serious business.

This blog features podcasts with top entrepreneurs who offer insights about business in Nigeria. You can easily download these podcasts, free without any hurdles. That means you can listen to this podcast anywhere with your headset.

13. ProfitableVenture.com

When I first landed on this site, I was impressed. It has a plethora of rich and incredible articles that will, no doubt, wow you. The blog deserves a better spot than this, as it is simply amazing. If you’re a businessperson who is aspiring for growth, this blog will be able to guide.

Aside from that, it exposes you to the world of entrepreneurship, where you learn all the lessons necessary. Just like some of its counterparts, the platform also offers business plans and feasibility studies for sale.

14. Dayoadetiloye.com

The owner of this excellent blog is Dayo Adetiloye, an entrepreneur that cooks unique content. If you’re looking for business ideas or lucrative business opportunities that you can do in Nigeria, that is the blog.

It also offers business plans for sale and goes the extra mile to connect its readers with funding opportunities. His contents are lovely and well researched. Hopefully, this blog will rise to the top. It is one of the best entrepreneurship blogs in Nigeria.

15. SME Digest

Last on our list of top business blogs in Nigeria is SME Digest, exceptional at bringing you news and happenings in the world of business. The subjects covered in this blog include entrepreneurship, stocks, insurance, and numerous other fields.

If you’re a business owner, this blog will guide you toward building a better business. The blog interface is pretty friendly and easy to navigate. For the first time, blog design was impressive, in my opinion.

Over To You!

There are still tons of awesome business blogs out there. If you’re running one and you think it deserves a spot at this page, please leave a comment telling us about your blog. If your blog is excellent, it will be added to the list immediately. So far, which of the blogs mentioned above is your favorite? Do you have some recommendations? Use the comment box.

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