7 Simple Steps To Choose A Great Domain Name

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Steps To Choose A Great Domain Name

When you’re about to start a blog, one of the issues you might encounter is how to choose a great domain name. Before I created Bloghomies, I scratched my head for days looking for the perfect domain name.

I came up with over twenty domain names, and none was available. Does that sound familiar? You will agree with me that it’s pretty frustrating and annoying.

The name of your blog is vital, cause it will set the pace for either the success or failure of your blog.

In this article, I am going to share with you some simple tips that you can use to choose a great domain name. Coming up with a catchy domain name doesn’t have to be World War III. Don’t you agree?

1. Always Stick With. Com

Always Stick With. Com

I see a lot of newbie bloggers make this mistake over and over again. When the domain name of their proposed blog isn’t available, they opt for another domain extension like .net, .org, .edu, and so on.

There are numerous domain extensions today, but the key is to choose one that your target audience can trust. Imagine using a domain name like .ninja; what does that even mean?

.com domains are more popular and memorable, which is why you need to stick to this domain extension. When users ask for your blog URL, and you said Bloghomies, they automatically assume that it is .com.

Not only would you be losing traffic when they use the wrong domain extension, but they also end up frustrated. Save your potential readers the hassles by sticking to a .com extension.

2. Generic Domain Vs. Keyword Domain

Should you go for a generic name like What does Google even me? Yes, that is a typical example of a generic name. Many prefer to call these kinds of domain names “abstract names,” since you can build virtually anything around them.

If Google had gone for a keyword domain like, they definitely would have problem diversifying into other industries. Before you go for either a generic or a keyword domain, how do you see your blog in five to ten years?

If you’re building a niche blog, keywords are pretty useful in that regard. Although they are limiting, they set you on target and focus. But if you plan to carter for a broader audience later in the future, go for a generic domain name that is not restricting.

The reason you need to get it right from the beginning is that changing your domain name later would hurt your blog. It would hurt your SEO, backlinks, popularity, and search traffic. Choose a great domain name from the start, and you won’t regret it.

3. Avoid Hyphens At All Cost

Domains that include a hyphen is a huge turn off and comes with this fakeness I can’t even describe. When you come across a domain name like, what happens to your mind immediately would be ‘Copycats.”

Even if they are a genuine company out to offer incredible value, the domain name will become a stumbling block. Years ago, many niche bloggers used hyphenated domain names to include rich keywords. It worked for them, but it no longer works now.

Aside from keywords, don’t use a hyphen when your ideal domain is unavailable. For example, you wanted to register Upon discovering that the domain is not available, you decided to use

With such a name, you have sabotaged your credibility even before starting. If you want to choose a great domain name that your potential readers would love, stay off hyphens by all means.

4. Keep It Short

For the sake of your readers, don’t use a domain name like It is hard to memorize and even harder to type. Although you might know how to pronounce such a name, what about typing it in the browser?

A short domain name is easy to remember, type, pronounce, and spell.

Why I love short domain names is because they are brandable and unique. It immediately stands out from the readers’ minds. For tips on how to choose a short domain name, take a look at established blogs in your niche and find out what domain name they are using.

5. Avoid Double Letters

To choose a great domain name, avoid using double lettered names. A great example of a domain with a double lettered name is Such a domain name is prone to typos and would result in losing tons of traffic.

By avoiding this mistake, you will be able to come up with a domain name that is brandable and unique.

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6. Domain Name Research

Before you register that awesome, catchy domain name, conduct a domain name research first. It is to know if there is already a registered business using the name.

You can perform a trademark search to be sure before you proceed. When you come across a company that has a similar name to your domain, it can confuse your readers. You wouldn’t want that!

Make sure your domain name is not matching a registered business name to avoid legal battles that would end up costing you money.

Last on your domain research is to find out if its also free to use on social media. One of the first things I did before registering was to make sure no one else is using it on social media.

7. Domain Name Generators

Last on the list is using domain name generators to discover excellent and smart names. Brainstorming a domain name can be daunting. But with a domain name generator, you find it more manageable. There are lots of free domain name generators that you can use.

To use them, you have to guide the system by listing some keywords relating to your industry or niche. That way, the system would pull up hundreds of fantastic domain names that you can use. When it comes to domain name generators, I prefer to use leandomainsearch,, and

Where To Buy Domain Names

Where To Buy Domain Names

After you have chosen a great domain name, you need to act fast before someone else takes it. There are lots of domain name registrars, and I am going to recommend only the ones I have used and trust.

I have used numerous brands before, but currently using Namecheap for both domain registration and hosting, and the experience has been pleasant so far. Their domains are pretty cheap, and you can even use WordPress hosting, which is also impressive. There are also some Nigerian domain registrars, but their site’s interface is often confusing.

What’s Your Domain Name?

Now that you’ve learned how to choose a great domain name, which name do you think suits your blog? Have you discovered it? In case you’re still uncertain about your chosen domain name, drop it on the comment section, let me take a look. Who knows, it might be the best, or maybe the worse.

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