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12 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make While Blogging

Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

There are many common mistakes bloggers make, and sometimes I wish I can shove down my experiences down their throat.

Sadly, I can’t do that unless I am allowed.

If you just started a blog and you’re excited and booming with passion, you might want to calm down a bit.

That is because there are common mistakes you are probably making right now. If you don’t fix them, these blogging mistakes could be your doom.

I’ve been blogging for five years now, and the reason I am yet to make millions from blogging is because of the mistakes I made.

Let’s face the fact; blogging is lucrative. Why some bloggers might think otherwise is because they did something wrong.

Ask yourself:

What are the successful bloggers doing differently?

What am I doing wrong?

The bitter truth is, you can never be truly successful as a blogger if you don’t correct your mistake as early as possible.

In this article, you’re going to learn some common mistakes bloggers make and how to fix them. If you can avoid them, succeeding as a blogger becomes evident.

1. Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations on common mistake bloggers make

Most of us were guilty of this, and it is the main reason many bloggers give up in their first year.

Blogging is lucrative, but delving with the mindset that blogging will make you rich overnight is wrong.

Sometimes when we hear how much top bloggers make every day, we often think we can achieve such a feat in less time.

This unrealistic expectation ends up taking a toll, especially if the reverse is the case.

A lot of gurus might not tell you this, but succeeding as a blogger in Nigeria is harder than you think.

When I started, my first challenge was power issues. I mean, I could stay a whole week without power supply.

You could imagine how frustrating that was.

To stay afloat, I relied heavily on my standby generator. When I calculated my expenses after a month, I almost screamed.

Take blogging as a fun aspect of your life, a hobby where you help people by providing information that they need.

You might not make a dime in your first six months or even a year.

Now think about that for a second and tell me if you still want to blog.

If the answer is yes, then you’re ready to succeed as a blogger.

Cut down on your expectations, work hard, and have fun!

2. The Wrong Niche

The Wrong Niche

It is the most terrible mistake of all. The wrong niche will decide if you’ll be successful or not.

There are many blogging niches, and the worst mistake you will ever make is to dabble in a saturated niche.

 I mean, a niche with lots of competitors.

I see a lot of newbie bloggers going into entertainment, music, politics, and celebrity gossip. Although that might seem like a fun niche, succeeding will take a lot.

It is not that you can’t succeed in such a niche, you simply will have to work a lot harder than when there are few or no competitors.

When I started my 3rd blog, a massive failure met me. The cause was the wrong niche.

I discovered that I could make a lot of money by reviewing technological products and embedding my affiliate link.

As a freelance writer, I was able to write incredible articles. However, the passion wasn’t there.

No matter how hard I force myself to focus and carter for this tech blog, I couldn’t.

I wrote a detailed article on how to discover your blog’s purpose. When you find out your purpose, you undoubtedly find your niche.

3. You’re Consuming Too Much Content

You're Consuming Too Much Content as among the common mistake bloggers make

That was me, years ago when I started. I could stay a whole day on a blogging trick blog, learning all the tips and tricks I thought I need.

In the long run, these are things I already know but yet to implement.

I understand the urge to equip yourself with the right information, but when you feel you’re consuming a lot, that is a red sign.

Instead of reading truckload of articles from numerous blogging trick bloggers, why not take a day and implement some of the tips?

Cut back when you feel like you’re consuming too much content. It isn’t healthy!

Find two or three blogs like Bloghomies, and stick to them. Learning from hundreds of gurus will complicate issues, especially when they always contradict themselves.

4. Poor Writing

Poor writing as among the common mistake bloggers make

About two years ago, I wasn’t any good when it comes to writing. I often make a bunch of errors with my tenses and punctuation.

It got to a point where I wondered,

“Will I ever be a great writer?”

As depressing as that might sound, I never gave up. What helped me a lot to hone my writing skill was freelance writing.

Since I wasn’t making enough money from blogging, I needed another source of income. Some clients can be frustrating to work with, but I got one that changed my life forever.

Unlike previous clients, he was ready to point out mistakes, give me tips, and guides on how to improve.

I found myself writing every day, getting better and better. If there is one skill I can boast of in this entire world, it is writing.

But it didn’t happen overnight! The passion for writing made me humble myself and learn even when some clients shout and curse me for writing trash.

One of the reasons I don’t read Nigerian and Indian blogs is overwhelming grammar mistakes.

If you can avoid this, you’re on your way to success.

To help you out on your blogging journey, consider getting a premium Grammarly account. This tool will help identify grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and expressions on your blog posts.

In case you don’t know, mistakes in your writing can be a huge turn off to your readers.

When you become a better writer, you become a better blogger.

5. Too Many Topics

Here is another common mistake bloggers make – covering lots of topics on their blog.

Have you ever visited a blog, and you’re confused about its purpose? You’re not alone!

With such a method of blogging, you will find it hard to retain readers.

I see a lot of blogs about businesses to start, Jobs to do, the latest MTN tricks, and BBNaija trending videos.

They are a jack of all trades, master of none. In the long run, they end up frustrated when they are yet to amass loyal readers.

A blog that has three to four categories has better chances of succeeding. If you must incorporate some exciting topics, ensure it aligns with your niche.

6. Plagiarism

I think this mistake should be first on this list, cause a lot of bloggers are guilty. If you’re not ready to sit your ass down and write, you have no business being a blogger.

When writing, I ensure my article is 100% unique. The tool that helps a lot is CopyScape, though it isn’t free.

There is no harm in doing research, but everything should be written in your words. You must not copy from any source, not even a paragraph.

Aside from boosting your credibility as a blogger, original articles will help you rank better on Google. But when you copy a blog post from another blog, you’re merely killing your blogging career.

If you can’t write, hire reliable freelance writers. There are free tools that you can use to check if an article is unique or not, like smallseotools.com.

If you can avoid this common mistake bloggers make, you will see high your articles rank on SERP.

7. Keyword Research

Keyword research is a common mistake bloggers make

What good is an article if no one reads it? Imagine pouring out your creativity and time to create a sumptuous article.

In the end, you discover there is no view. Trust me when I say that it is depressing.

As a blogger, you need to make it a habit to always conduct keyword research before writing a blog post.

Doing this will help you discover topics or questions your audiences are asking. If the search volume is impressive, you have a chance of amassing lots of views.

When you consistently uncover keywords with high search volumes and low competition, your traffic will increase gradually.

The more you write more researched articles, the more views you get. It isn’t rocket science.

I wrote a dummy’s guide on Keyword Research; you probably should check it out.

Overall, not conducting keyword research is a mistake you shouldn’t make.

8. Build An Email List

Build An Email List

If you’re serious about making money as a blogger and building a community, you must not overlook building an email list.

Now that I am talking about it, subscribe to this blog so that you can get notifications of new posts. If I have additional tips to share, you’ll always get them via email.

If you have not started building an email list, now is the time to start.

Currently, I am using MailChimp. The plugin is free to use until you’ve hit 2000 subscribers.

Going by the functionalities of this email software, I recommend it.

9. Poor Formatting

Poor Formatting is another mistake most bloggers make

When I am writing, I love to use short paragraphs, lots of images, and spaces. This practice makes it easy for readers.

Also, I don’t forget to use lots of headings and bullets. Sometimes, I even create grey boxes just to drive home a point.

The more neat and beautiful a page looks, the more a reader is likely to stick around. But when I come across a painstaking blog post with large paragraphs and tiny fonts, I use the back button.

When you’re writing, always have your readers in mind. So far, aren’t you enjoying my article?

That is because I have been able to eliminate distractions and frustration by keeping it neat and straightforward.

10. Quantity Over Quality

Quantity Over Quality

What your readers need is quality, not quantity. Having hundreds of blog post of 500 words, with lots of grammar errors and poor formatting won’t get you anywhere.

Google is continuously improving to serve the best content to its users. If you’re not delivering value, you will lose your ranking.

It happened to me, making me lose thousands of dollars.

Before writing a post, take your time to research about such topics. Gather facts and figures, and never be shy to quote them.

Write, edit, and edit again! Use visuals where appropriate, and always end with a punch.

A good post will lead to more shares, backlinks, and engagement. Never sacrifice quality for quantity.

It is better to have ten excellent posts than 500 trashes.

11. Lack Of Consistency


Another common mistake bloggers make is inconsistency. At first, the passion to blog is often overwhelming.

After a few months, it seems as if they have lost interest. If you observe, you will see that their last update was two months ago.

Your success as a blogger lies on how helpful your articles are. When you publish frequently, it will cause your blog readers to always check your blog.

To avoid this mistake, I’d advise having a posting schedule. You can post three times a week, or perhaps once, depending on your articles’ nature.

There should be no lazy moments. If you’re going to take more time to publish a post, ensure that the post is worth the wait.

I have spoken to a couple of bloggers, and they all agree that consistency could be the difference between successful and failed bloggers.

It was precisely the reason I came up with the Two-Year Rule.

The Two-Year Rule is a decision to stick to a particular business or career for two years. You do this, irrespective of whether you’re getting results or not.

One of the reasons many fail in blogging is due to impatience. But with the Two-Year Rule, you discard that possibility.

12. Not Promoting Your Blog Posts

Not Promoting Your Blog Posts

After writing an incredible blog post and hitting the publish button, what next?

To many bloggers, that is the end. After hitting the publish button, they forget about promotion while waiting for magic to happen.

As a new blogger, that is a practice you must stop. There are lots of marketing strategies that you can employ to promote your blog post.

Through social media, forums, and a handful of bookmarking sites, you can promote your blog without hassles.

If you have the money, running sponsored posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter might seem like a good strategy.

You should promote both new and your old posts. Unless, perhaps, you’re running a news blog that doesn’t deal with evergreen content.

Over To You

As a blogger, you’re most likely to make these common mistakes bloggers make. That, however, isn’t the end.

The purpose of this article was to help call you back on track. When you do it right, making money from your blog is easy.

Tell me, which of the common mistakes are you guilty of?

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