3 Simple Ways To Discover Your Blog’s Purpose

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3 Simple Ways To Discover Your Blog's Purpose

I was watching a TED show of Larry Smith, “Why you will fail in your great career,” and I learned quite a handful, especially regarding excuses and passion. The fact remains that you will fail as a blogger if you lack both passion and purpose for your blog.

To discover your blog’s purpose, you need to find your purpose in life, then tailor it into blogging. By so doing, you are entering as an expert and not as a newbie.

Before I started blogging, I tried seeking counsel from a presumed expert, and he recommended I blog about technology. According to him, it is a super lucrative niche that would make me a ton of money through affiliate marketing.

I am a decent writer, and I could pull it off with lots of research – so I thought!

I purchased a domain name and a hosting plan from Namecheap (Affiliate link), and within a week, I published a couple of articles on phone reviews and latest technology news. I was doing pretty well, and my writing was top-notch too.

I don’t know what happened, but I stopped! I couldn’t find the strength to continue, it was a boring niche, and I was forcing myself.

Please don’t get me wrong; I love to use techs. But I am not the type that likes to write about it or explore the engineering makeup. However, when it comes to any niche that deals immensely with self-reliance, entrepreneurship and being one’s boss, you see the lion in me come alive.

If you want to make money blogging and live a financially free life, then you need to discover your purpose. Only then would you find out the purpose of your blog.

When I talk about people who have made it pursuing a passion, I don’t like neglecting Nas Daily. He has transited from a travel vlogger to inspiration all around the world.

Everyone on EARTH has a purpose, a passion, the reason why they are on living. For a moment, think about that thing that makes you come alive. That thing that when you do it, it makes your eyes sparkle. Chances are, that is where your passion and purpose in life is.

If you can channel that into blogging, not even hell would stand in your way of success. In this article, I am going to guide you on how to discover your blog’s purpose. If you can find it, you will stop asking about which niche to delve into – you will instantly know. Ready?

1. “Know Thyself.”

Socrates know thyself

Many believed that Socrates invented this phrase; it is a motto inscribed in the frontispiece of the Temple of Delphi. This phrase indicates and enjoins that man should know himself, to stand according to his nature, and to LIVE by it.

According to Socrates, to know thyself has a lot to do with deep introspection. Or perhaps a dialogue between a teacher and a student.

I love philosophy since they often shade a light to some aspect that seems neglected. When you get to Know Thyself, you will be able to know the niche and purpose of your blog.

I already told you I love self-reliance, financial freedom, and entrepreneurship. Due to this passion or calling, I tend to perform effortlessly in related niches.

If perhaps you’re moved by fashion, and you find yourself getting the latest wears, or glued to Paris fashion week, maybe the purpose of your blog could be fashion. When you delve into the industry with this passion and a business mindset, nothing will stop you from succeeding.

What if you love music so much? Perhaps you have a fantastic voice or already have a single. If you’re so obsessed with music that you don’t stop singing or talking about it, perhaps you can start a music blog. When you transfer that passion, that obsession into a blog, the growth will be exponential.

You can blog about anything. I mean, ANYTHING and still make money doing so. However, some people started blogging about their passion and yet didn’t make it. What happened? That is when a business fails to meet passion.

You’re blogging about passion, does that means you should take it as a hobby? Nah. I am currently blogging on something I love, that doesn’t stop me from injecting affiliate marketing links that make me small pennies. It is my passion, but I still treat it as a business. After all, I’ve got bills to pay, and being on the internet is freaking expensive here.

When you meet passion with business, the growth would be like a nuclear explosion.

2. Demographic

blog demographics

After you have successfully discovered your blog’s purpose, another thing is to discover your demographics. For the sake of those who didn’t go to school (winks), demographic refers to a particular sector of a population that you want to reach. I prefer using “Target Market” most of the time. But it often comes out cocky.

For instance, the demographics of Bloghomies are bloggers like you. That means you should bookmark this site and visit daily.

If your passion and purpose is music, every music lover on the planet might be your target audience. But that would demand a lot of work. There are billions of music lovers all around the globe. That is where most creative people narrow it down.

Instead of targeting an entire population of music lovers, you can decide to focus on upcoming artists. Now, that is a promising niche that you can delve into and make a lot of money.

Where I am from, almost every youth wants to become the next big star. I did some research and discovered that about 95% already have a single, while about 60% have an album.

By knowing the focus on your blog and your potential audience, you will be able to define your blog’s purpose without sweating. 

Darren Rowse of Problogger is also a fantastic example. By reading his blog posts and how he writes, it is evident who his target audience is. Your blog’s purpose and demographic give your blog a purpose, an identity that would metamorphize into a gigantic brand you would be proud to.

Remember, you are in the service industry. Discovering your purpose is not enough, and finding your demographic isn’t either. What determines if you succeed in your chosen niche is the next point.

3. Serving Your Purpose

You are a prophet, here to guide and solve the problem of your followers. Em. Maybe not a prophet. Let’s stick to you being a blogger and not a prophet. Yes, you’re a blogger, here to solve problems. When you have discovered your purpose in life, the purpose of your blog, and your demographic, the question on your mind should be,

“How can I serve them?”

3 Simple Ways To Discover Your Blog's Purpose - serving your customers

I was listening to Jack Ma the other day speak, and he keeps repeating about serving a customer. You know the ins and outs of your niche and your target blog readers too. How can you help them?

You need to discover questions that they are asking. What is their problem, and how can you solve that problem? The world is all about giving and taking. When you solve their problem, you receive the reward for that.

That is the difference between the rich and the poor. The poor loves to give and receive, while the poor are concerned with receiving. Don’t overwhelm yourself with how to make money blogging; think of how to offer value to your readers. When you provide value, money won’t fail to come. It is a universal law; there is no shortcut.

Have You Discovered The Purpose?

Purpose is everything, and you must be ready to find it for a successful blogging career. But when reversed is the case, you find yourself struggling like a fish on the sand.

  1. First, discover your purpose in life
  2. Your goal in life would guide you toward a blog niche
  3. Your niche would determine your demographic
  4. Then try to serve your demographic, and they would trust you with their money

Although it isn’t easy, these are the blocks to which to climb to that dream of yours.

Now tell me, what is your blog’s purpose?

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