9 Guest Blogging Strategies: For Massive Fast Results

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Guest Blogging Strategies

Recently, I wrote about how to promote your blog using social media. If you’re a new blogger hunting for new ways to improve your blog, then you will benefit from these guest blogging strategies.

Over the years, there are numerous speculations about the death of guest blogging. Do you know the crazy aspect? These are postulations for most grounded bloggers with huge followers. Could they be right?

Aside from an SEO standpoint, the benefits of guest blogging are tremendous, especially to newbie bloggers. If you’re yet to tap into this marketing strategy, then you’re missing tons of buzzes.

In this article, I am going to guide you on how to discover guest blogging opportunities and make the most out of them.

Before you begin, you first need to define your guest blogging goals.

Guest Posting Goals

Your goal is the reason for the guest posting. A lot of bloggers guest post for numerous reasons, and it might be quite different from yours. To accurately determine the goal of your guest post, ask yourself,

“What do I want?”

Irrespective of other goals you might have in mind, the three main goals for blog posting is:

  • To build authority and credibility in your niche
  • To drive traffic to your blog
  • To build backlinks to your blog

Depending on how fantastic your guest content is, you can achieve these three things without sweating. When you post the right content to the right blog, your blog will get a lot of traction that would turn your traffic around.

Not only that, but it would also double your email list and accord you some passionate followers.

After identifying your guest posting goals, now is the time to get to work.

1. Find A Guest Post Target

Find A Guest Post Target

When it comes to finding guest post targets, it might get a little overwhelming. Don’t worry; I’ve got you. Instead of scrapping around Google looking opportunities, here are some guest blogging strategies I use to find targets.

First Technique – Search Strings

The first technique is using search strings. If you don’t know what that is, chill a little while I explain how this works. It is my favorite technique so far and comes with lots of results. Don’t forget to use your niche keywords when using this technique.

Head over to Google and type these search strings, coupled with your keyword.

  • Your keyword, “Guest Post.”
  • Your Keyword “Write for us.”
  • Your Keyword” Guest posting by”
  • Your keyword “Write for us”
  • Your Keyword “Submit your post”
  • Your Keyword “Contribute to our site”
  • Your Keyword “Suggest a post”
  • Your Keyword “Submit an article”
  • Your Keyword “Contributor guidelines”
  • Your Keywords “Looking for guest posts”
  • Your keyword “Writers wanted”
  •  Your Keyword “Submit news”

There are hundreds of variations that you can use to pull this off.

With this formidable technique, you will be able to find potential blogs for your guest post.

Second Technique – Google Reversed Image

This technique is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is get the picture of a blogger in your niche. Make sure this individual makes a lot of guest posts for the best result. Go to his bio, right-click on his image, and copy the image location.

Done? Now head over to google image search and paste the URL of the image.

google image reversed search guest blogging strategies

Immediately, Google would pull up every location on the web that has the picture. These are potential sites where you can send a guest post.

Third Technique – Lazy Approach

In this approach, I intend not to do any work instead, benefit from the sweat of others. There are fantastic posts by numerous writers with ideas and a list of guests posting opportunities. In these guest blogging strategies, you can use this lazy approach and still gain lots of benefits. Check out this post on buzz blogger on 500 guest posting opportunities.

2. Create A Connection

Create A Connection guest blogging strategies

Among all guest blogging strategies, this is probably the most important of them all. Before you begin pitching a guest post, you first need to become a part of their community. By so doing, you decrease the chances of rejection or outright snub.

To make this happen, you need to become an active reader for at least two weeks. During this duration, here are some of the things you can do to become a familiar face in the blog’s community.

  • Leave comments – When you drop great comments on their blog posts for a week and two, they would no doubt notice you no matter how big their audience is. You must stand out from the comment section by contributing value to the post.
  • Social Shares – Another great way to get them to know you is by sharing their stuff on social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can make sure they notice by mentioning them and talking about how valuable the post is.
  • Email them – Another thing you need to do before pitching a guest post is to email them two weeks before pitching your idea. Tell the owners how you discovered his blog, and how his post (Mention the specific post) have helped you.

I prefer to use a format like this, and it is yet to fail me:

Hi [Name],

Your recent post on [Topic] is incredible, and I love it

Specifically, I used [technique or tip from their post]. And the result is pretty amazing. I [mention the result]

So I just wanted to send you a quick email to say: ” thank you!”.

Thanks again,

 [Your First Name]

You can tweak this format a little. It is merely to give you a rough idea. Remember, you’re doing this before your pitch. It is like watering the ground. When the time comes to plant, the land would never resist.

One of the benefits of being an active participant of your target blog is:

  • You learn the type of posts that works better
  • How the blog readers devour contents

To find out which post that works better, consider checking out their top posts. Most often, you can find this in the sidebar or right around the footer.

3. Make Your Pitch

After two weeks of actively engaging with your guest blog targets, now is the time to pitch. I could feel the goosebumps already, but don’t fret. You can do this!

For this guest post strategy to work, you need to be able to connect with your target – site owner. Let’s make a few checks.

  • You have got them to notice you through comments, shares and email – check
  • You have ideas about top-performing posts – check
  • You have read their guest blogging guidelines – check

With these three checks, your chances of hitting the stage increases by over 100%.

Here is a guideline I tend to follow each time I want to make a pitch

– Short Pitch

If the blog is an authority in the industry, try as much as possible to keep it short. That is because they probably won’t have the time to read an epistle.

– Use Their Name

You need to personalize your email by mentioning their name. That way, it doesn’t come out as a generic guest posting pitches. Also, it shows you have done your homework – research.

– Post Title

In your pitch, mention at least three post titles you believe their audience would be much interested in. Then give them an option to make a choice. There are so many guest blogging strategies that I love, but this one is topnotch and powerful. It brings in results every time!

4. Write Your Guest Post

Write Your Guest Post

If the blogger accepts your pitch, which they will undoubtedly do if you follow my guest blogging strategies. Then you need to sit down and cook something sumptuous, something no one can ever turn down.

If possible, create your best post ever!

Here is a guide

An Irresistible Headline

You might have pitched a specific headline for the site owner; there is no harm coming up with a better alternative. A great headline has the chance to increases your click-through-rate.

When you analyze some of the best performing headlines, you will discover three unique ingredients.

  • Comes with a benefit for the reader
  • Use of power words
  • Tapping into the emotion of the reader

Keyword Research

If you know how to write an SEO-friendly blog post, it will come in handy. Site owners would love it if your guest post can drive them some traffic from search engines like Google. If you can smash this, they will always look forward to more contributions from you.

Link Right

If there is a linking guideline by the site owner, you need to adhere to them. When it comes to linking, you have to be very careful not to break a chord.

Show the site owner that you know their content by linking to some of their posts. You can also link to some of your articles provided they are relevant to the topic. Everything has to be natural, not forced.

Follow The Same Post Formats

When it comes to guest blogging strategies, one of the techniques I found to work most, is when you mimic the post format of your target blog. That way, you’re able to connect both with the site owner and the readers. You might even succeed in stealing some readers. Check out how the site owner uses images, bolded words, links, and H tags. Let their format be your guide.

A Call To Action For Comments

Before concluding, ensure you include a call to action for comments. That way, your post can generate more engagements. Ask them what they think about your post, and the technique they love most. If you don’t ask for engagement, it might never come.

5. Work that Bio

Your bio is your reward for all the hard work. For that, you need to settle down and craft something that would convert readers to followers. If you don’t do this well, you will be missing a lot from your guest blogging strategies.

Commonly, your bio often includes:

  • A link to your homepage
  • A link to a page or resource on your site
  • A social media link

If you use this feature significantly, you will be able to generate leads and followers.

Justin Champion wrote an impressive article on how to write an awesome author bio.

guest post author bio

One effective strategy is linking to a landing page where you can get signups. If your content were terrific, you wouldn’t have problems getting tons of email subscribers.

6. Be Responsive

Be Responsive by replying to comments

After your guest post has gone live, that is not the end of the journey. Ensure you subscribe to comments so that you get notifications whenever a reader drops a comment on your post.

Try as much as possible to reply to every single one of them. Not only would your readers get to know you better, but they also get compelled to check you by visiting your blog.

Aside from making your readers happy, blog owners love it when you actively engage with their audience. With these guest blogging strategies, you will become one of the best guest bloggers the internet has ever known.

Em. Maybe not yet! But you will be able to stand out as an authority, and as someone who knows his craft.

9. Promote Your Post

Promote Your guest Post

Last on this list of guest blogging strategies is to promote your guest post as you would to your own. The more people get to read your blog post; the more referrals you get. Also, the site owner would be happy too.

You can promote through Social media and letting your subscribers known about your guest post. Don’t hesitate to encourage them to read, follow, and also share. Through this, you will be able to increase your online presence and build a lasting relationship with bloggers in your industry.

Bonus Point: Write More Guest Posts

After succeeding with one guest post, you will feel the shower of excitement rush through your spine. Don’t worry; I know how it feels. But to get closer to achieving your aim in blogging, you need to write many guest posts.

To make this happen, create a schedule on guest posting. You can make it a commitment to write three guest posts in a month or two weeks, depending on your capability. Set a target, then plan on how to achieve them.


Well, that is it on guest blogging strategies.

If you don’t mind, I would like to hand the pen over to you:

Which of these strategies do you love the most?

Let me know in the comment sections below.

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