How Entrepreneurs Can Sell Themselves Better and Attract More Sale

How Entrepreneurs Can Sell Themselves Better and Attract More Sale

One of the most vital skills anyone can possess is that of selling. When you know how to speak to the pain points and desires of your audience and relate them to how your products or services can solve them, they go from ‘just looking’ to ‘shut up and take my money’.

It is not a secret, rather learning how to market your products and services better and drive results. You need more sales, more customers, and most of all; you need to have more time to do things you love.

But the sad reality is that your prospects don’t care about you. They never did, other than themselves.

You’re probably like: “Nah Henry, my customers do love me.”

Sorry to burst your bubble, but take a moment and think about the last time you were at a store. You probably didn’t care to know if the shopkeeper was having a good day, did you? You didn’t even conceive the idea of knowing their names, did you?

You’re not a monster, far from it. It is merely the inherent human nature not to care especially when seeking value for their money.

When you can swallow the bitter pill without flinching, knowing in the certainty that your customers don’t care about you other than themselves, you become an enlightened entrepreneur.

Understanding Why Your Customers Buy

If you want to go from zero leads to hundreds and even thousands of leads, you need to prove that you understand your customers. This goes further into understanding their psychology, the way they behave, the reason they act the way they do.

When you understand the WHY in the equation, creating a marketing campaign that compels them to smash the buy button becomes easy. There are numerous reasons why people buy whatever they buy.

Maybe your potential customers want to feel praised, and accepted. It could be to escape pain, get more comfort, make money, feel more loved, or even increase social status. 

When you’re shoving your ad down their throat, they are not checking to see how fancy your ad looks, or how good you can talk, but rather on if you can satisfy that desire. Instead of creating ad copies that take about all the features and cutting edge technologies that your product has, focusing on the benefits for their customer has been proven over and over again to drive results.

To Understand Why Your Customers Buy, Ask Yourself:

  1. What are the five ways my products or services can help my customers or clients make more money?
  2. What’s that thing they wouldn’t have to do anymore once they use my product and services?
  3. What physical pain am I eliminating for my customers through my product and services?
  4. How is my product or services helping my clients feel more comfortable, healthy, and more alive?
  5. How will my services get them more praises from their friends and family?

Take your time and answer these questions. If you can list over ten benefits to each question, you will be surprised how you uncover the deepest desires of your customers.

Mastering The Art and Science of Selling

Your selling ability might get you a truckload of customers, your talents and services are what will keep them.

Deliver trash, and they will never return. I have talent but could not sell myself.

It, of course, led to years of working like an elephant and eating like an ant. Poor me!

I thought I knew everything there is to know, that my creative ability is enough to make me a millionaire.

How wrong I was…

I tolled for months, making pennies with overwhelming bills screaming for attention.

I was at the edge, even ashamed to seek help from friends and family. I wouldn’t shy to say that it plunged me into depression.

It was in a moment of introspection did I realize that I’m missing something. For the love of me, there are writers like myself earning $10,000 a month, and I can barely make $500.

I learned, I discovered that I’ve been selling myself short. And worse, I have been targeting the wrong market.

Instead of focusing on Nigerian clients like I often do, I ventured outside; seeking prospects in America, Australia, Sweden, any company at all that needs a writer.

Finding companies is the easy part, but selling yourself becomes the part where you have to be inventive, creative, and smart.

First, you need to understand who your prospect is. If I’m going to pitch to the manager of shell, I have work to do.

First, I do a background study on him, his date of birth, his list of achievements, his favorite ice cream, the name of his dog, his favorite team, etc.

Knowledge of this helps you understand your prospect, which helps you to tailor a pitch that compels that to hire you ASAP.

If you indeed have the skill, you’ll be retained for the long term. But if you’re a joke, your first draft will be your way out.

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