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Top Smart Ways To Make Money As A Student

Great Nigerian Student, Great!

When you Google ways to make money as a student in Nigeria, you will come across millions of results on your screen.

No doubt, you will discover hundreds of business ideas that you can do even on Nigerian campuses. However, are most of these businesses viable?

Most of them are, but the downside is often taking your focus away from your studies, which can be bad for your grades.

Your aim shouldn’t be to make money on campus but create a strong business that will sustain you even as a graduate.

In this article, you will not only discover how you can make money as a Nigerian student but one that will give you the time to focus on your studies.

After all, that is the main reason you’re in school, right?

Some of these businesses will require some certain skills, while some don’t.

Without wasting further time, here are some smarts ways you can make money as a Nigerian student.

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

If you have fantastic writing skills, then you have no excuse for not making money as a student.

Incredible writers are in high demand in today’s world, and joining the marketplace will be a decision you wouldn’t regret.

When I started my career as a writer, I was merely a fresher in the university.

I was able to use my Smartphone to write and deliver articles to clients. In the long run, I was able to save more than enough to get a laptop.

A computer system made it so much easier to write and deliver jobs without issues.

However, I encountered a problem that I believe many still face today – how to get clients.

I started from forums like Nairaland and warriorforum, and the experience helped improve my skill and knowledge in the industry.

Later, I started to experiment with a few freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

On average, I was making #100,000 monthly from writing. When others are hustling under hot sun and rain hustling for pennies, I will stay in my room working without stress.

Since writing comes naturally, I enjoyed the process as my bank account smile in return.

As a Nigerian student with impressive writing ability, you should consider writing to make money in school.

I wrote a comprehensive article on how to become a freelance writer in Nigeria. Do check it out as it will guide you on this path.

2. Blogging


If you’re the type that lacks patience and zeal, don’t consider blogging as it might frustrate you.

You know why?

Blogging is not something that spews money overnight. You might have to wait for a year or more to start seeing traction.

But in the long run, blogging can become a career that will finance virtually everything about you.

An average and passionate blogger in Nigeria makes $5,500 annually.

If you are in a profitable niche with a lot of traffic, you will be making more than that figure annually.

There are many ways to make money from blogging, and some of them include Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling of information products, and more.

It is an exciting career path for passionate content creators who want to make money from their content.

If you understand how blogging works and how to make money, you will never go broke as a Nigerian student.

Aside from freelance writing, blogging was also among one of the smart ways I used to make money as a student in Nigeria.

If you’re to blog, the best blogging platform should be WordPress. That is because of its robustness and flexibility.

The only skill you need to blog is writing and a little WordPress skill. Web development is only required if you’re going to design your blog.

If you have no knowledge or skill in web design, our team can help you set up a fully functional blog or website that will make you money.

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3. Vlogging


Another smart way to make money as a Nigerian student is vlogging. For the past few years now, the majority of Nigerians have made a switch from blogging to vlogging.

Compared to blogging, you have a much higher chance of succeeding as a YouTuber since the platform is not saturated yet.

However, it requires skill if you must make it in the video industry.

Aside from skill, it would be best if you had the capital to begin, which will take care of the camera, editing software, microphone, etc.

I have already written a detailed article on the things you will need to start a YouTube channel.

If you’re to follow this path, then our vlogging categories have lots of resources that you will need.

When it comes to vlogging, it is almost similar to blogging. The only difference is that you will be dealing with videos instead of text.

There are many niches to do, like entertainment, politics, education, finance, gaming, reviews, etc. You can even decide to do something unique, and you’ll still have an audience.

When you handle your YouTube channel with quality content and consistent uploads, you will be making money from Google Adsense, Sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.

4. Photography


Another skill-based business idea that you can do as a Nigerian student is photography.

These days, the cost of a camera can be on the high end.

But if you can afford a high-quality camera, you are just inches away from being one of the biggest boys or girls on campus.

Aside from a camera, you will also need to have a laptop and photoshop. That way, you can easily edit the pictures to make it more professional.

Remember, your success in this business lies in the quality of your pictures.

If your shots are the best around, rest assured that your customers will be bringing more customers.

You can do this business without worrying about missing classes since you will become almost synonymous with your camera.

You can hang it on your neck and snap while you walk to class. With a camera hanging around your neck, your course mates or even lecturers might request a shot.

It will help if you prepare for the competition, as you might not be the only photographer in school.

In some universities, you might be required to register in an association.

That way, you can make money during significant events like Matriculation, traditional week, students’ week, convocation, etc.

5. Modeling


Another incredible way to make money while in school is modeling.

I have seen incredibly handsome and beautiful Nigerian students and I wonder what they are doing with all these appealing qualities.

If you’re handsome or beautiful and you know it, what stops you from being a model?

With your beauty, all you need to make money while on campus is to face the camera and stick to your photoshoot appointments.

There are lots of modeling agencies that you can enroll, and as long as you have the features, you will surely make it in the modeling industry.

At first, you should be focused on gaining recognition, which might mean not being too focused on money.

In this social media era, you should have an Instagram account where you post incredible shots.

It will serve as your portfolio, and a source of additional income too.

As a model, you can also become a social media influencer and make money even while in school.

Who knows, that might become a career that will make you a millionaire here in Nigeria.

6. School Politics

School Politics

Not all political positions in school can fetch you money, but some individual posts can.

Every school session, there is always a contest for a new SUG, Director of sports, treasurer, secretary, etc.

These positions come with their financial reward and even free accommodation depending on your institution.

Those who were able to attain SUG’s position and other top posts in school ended up with millions in their account.

However, your aim in contesting for these positions shouldn’t be to fill your pockets but rather to impact the lives of Nigerian students positively.

While you make your money as a position holder, do not forget why you’re in office.

7. Typing and Printing

Typing and Printing

If you’re a fast typist, you can start a typing and printing business in school and make a lot of money.

All you will need to pull this off is a computer and a printer.

There is usually a center for computer stuff on some campuses, often called ‘computer village’.

You can get a space in such a market and provide typing and printing services to students.

Being a student makes it even more lucrative, as you can work directly with your course representative to get contracts.

For instance, you can meet your Course Rep if an assignment that involves typing is given. That way, you make money from your fellow student.

You can also work with other course rep in other departments. If you can give them a certain percentage, they will be ready to work with you.

The best part is, this business won’t affect your studies in any way. All you need to do is plan your hours and stick to it.

When you’ve done this business for a few months, you wouldn’t even have to worry about customers.

If you’ve been doing a good job, your customers will be calling you on the phone whenever there is a new project or assignment.

Remember, your customers are students who are going to hang around for years before they graduate.

That means you can make an average of #100,000 from one customer.

If you know how to treat customers well, rest assured that you’re going to buy your first car while as a student.

Many think that computer centers don’t make money. Wait till they account for their daily sales; you will be blown away.

8. Hair Barbing Or Hairdressing Salon

Hair Barbing Or Hairdressing Salon

Inside any Nigerian school campus, everyone loves to look neat and trimmed.

To achieve that look, they spend a lot of money every week keeping their hair in order.

If you’re a male student, you can start a barbing salon.

The amount you will make from this business is the type that you will be sending money home.

Yes, you will never have to beg anyone for money with this business.

For the ladies, a hairdressing salon will be best. But to do this kind of business, you need skill.

For a barbing salon, you will need to acquire a barbing skill from another barber around. With three to six months of training, you will become a pro.

Hair barbing or hairdressing salon is a lucrative business that any Nigerian student can start.

If you’re looking for a realistic way to make money while in school, perhaps you should consider this business.

All you will need is a space and equipment to carry out your work like a barbing clip, mirror, posters, sterilizers, hair creams, etc.

Draw a business plan and begin! You wouldn’t regret doing this profitable business inside the school campus.

9. Sell Fashion Wears

Sell Fashion Wears

Nigerian students are known for their high-end fashion sense, and they can spend any amount to look good.

As a student living inside the school campus, the fashion industry is where the money bag is.

You can start selling high designer jeans, polos, t-shirts, shoes, jewelry, glasses, bangles, boxers, and more. You can even offer additional services like t-shirt customization.

As long as your wears are fashionable and sweet, you wouldn’t have a problem selling them off.

A common problem interested students often have is where to source for fashion wears.

Getting your wears is easy and cheap; you don’t even need to import it from china to get it very affordable.

A commonplace to get these is Aba, Abia State. The last time I went on market research, I found a shoe that was sold for #500.

In a boutique store, that shoe wouldn’t have cost less than #20,000.

I was astonished by how cheap some great looking shoes are at Aba.

One good thing with this business is that you can start with any amount and grow from there.

You can start with #30,000 to over #500,000, depending on your budget.

The fashion business is one business you can never fail at on school campuses.

Through Facebook ads, you can target only students in a specific location and deliver to them.

With this business, you wouldn’t be having problems with your studies. All you will be doing is receiving and delivering orders through Facebook ads.

When your goods run low, you quickly rush to Aba to restock. Before you know it, your bank account is already looking like a phone number.

10. Hostel Accommodation Agent

Hostel Accommodation Agent

Every year, accommodation is often a top item in the list of every Nigerian student.

Mind you; they often budget a large amount of money for it.

Most of the time, their problem is not money but to find a friendly and conducive place to stay and study.

In that case, a problem has been identified.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, the next step should be how to solve this problem and make money.

Around the school, there are lots of lodges. To become a housing agent, all you need to do is get in touch with the lodge owners.

You can quickly get their contact either on their Facebook page, through their caretaker, or even gateman or security.

The lodge owner can keep the room for #100,000; you can charge #130,000 based on your agreement and make #30,000 gains.

When the deal is struck, your next step will be to promote the lodge and get occupants.

You can also find interested student through the university’s Facebook group or even run ads on Facebook targeted at students.

This business can make you thousands to millions every year. Your success in this business lies in your negotiation power, confidence and marketing strategies.

Some students can be shy when it comes to meeting people and striking a deal.

If you have the confidence to approach people and propose a business to them, you will be making millions even as a student.

Final Words

Remember, your purpose for being in school is to study hard and graduate with an impressive grade.

But since you need extra cash to survive, the business ideas on this page will be ideal to try out.

The best business is the one that doesn’t affect your reading time or classes. So, do take your time to make the right choice.

When you discover a business that you can do and make money, research more, and equip yourself with the industry’s overall knowledge.

That way, your chances of success are very high. Although it wouldn’t be easy, but it can be done!

So, which of these businesses do you think you’re going to try out while in school?

Don’t forget to share this post, your friends will definitely find this article helpful!

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