Make Money Online In Nigeria: 12 Lucrative Ideas

Last Updated on July 25, 2020 by Henry Ibeleme

Make Money Online In Nigeria

Since the internet came to Nigeria, one of the top searches as long as Google is concerned is how to make money online in Nigeria.

You may have heard of some unique individuals making thousands of dollars online.

It might stir some jealousy, but the fact remains that you want to know-how.

I started asking this question years ago. Do you remember the time of the Nokia 5200? Check the picture below in case you’ve forgotten.

Nokia 5200

That was when I would use my weekly 10MB given to me by MTN to browse the internet.

Today’s generation is lucky because I didn’t even know how the internet works during my time.

The worst part is, they weren’t educating us in school on how to use this new technology.

Perhaps if they had, we would have left some digital footprint earlier in life like Mark Zuckerberg did.

During those virgin years, scammers were at their best. Their landing page and fake testimonies are so powerful that you can buy an eBook titled: Make 1,000,000 on 2go every month.

A familiar name that they often use by then is “The blueprint of the 2go money-making system.”

As funny as it might sound now, many people thought that was possible because they didn’t understand how the internet works.

But today, not only are you the king of the internet, you’re looking for a way to make money online in Nigeria.

In that case, I want to say that you’re fortunate to be on this page. Without wasting more of your time, here are some incredible ways to make that happen.

1. Start A Dropshipping Business

Start A Dropshipping Business and Make Money Online In Nigeria

If the eCommerce industry interests you a lot, then the fact is that you can delve in and make money for yourself.

Dropshipping is an easy business model that is very easy to understand. The main work lies in setting up a platform and promotion.

To understand how dropshipping works, look at yourself as the middle man between a consumer and a supplier.

This business is not prevalent in Nigeria, but it remains a lucrative goldmine that will spill in lots of money.

To begin, you need to pick a niche and get a reliable supplier.

One place to look for these suppliers could be Alibaba or AliExpress. When I was telling a reader about this business idea, he asked:

“How can I find a reputable and reliable supplier?”

That is very easy. Every supplier on eCommerce platforms has a rating and a review. Through these indicators, you can determine if the product is in good condition and if the supplier is reliable and competent.

The most crucial factor worth considering is the delivery time.

Starting a dropshipping business will cost you some initial finance. You will need some money to purchase a domain name and a hosting plan. After your online store has been designed, you can start listing products you want for sale.

You do not need to have an inventory or worry yourself about delivery. The processes are all handled by the supplier.

Your job will be to get customers to place an order through marketing. Dropshipping business is a great way to make money online in Nigeria.

2. Publish A Book

Publish A Book and Make Money Online In Nigeria

Do you have what it takes to be an author? Then this tip is for you.

You can write a story, a self-development book, a motivational guide, or tutorial eBook and make money from your hard work.

When it comes to being an author, most people are like; I don’t have the money to publish and market a book.

Well, you aren’t going to dabble into the traditional route of book publishing.

Thanks to technology and the internet, you can publish your book on the internet right from your bedroom.

How is that done? It is pretty simple. But it would require dedication.

Writing a book is not a child’s play. If you’re not disciplined, you will quit on the way. But when you discover a motive, it becomes your motivation.

Let’s see you have a book, and it is ready. You can publish it on Amazon Kindle, or perhaps on Okadabooks.

You do not need to work with big publishing companies; all you need is your computer and an internet connection.

By publishing a book on Kindle or Okadabooks, you will be creating a passive source of income. There is no doubt that this is the road to a financially free life.

It is a great way to make money online in Nigeria. However, it isn’t easy at all.

You will be in charge of editing, designing, and marketing. But if you have a few pennies to spare, you can always hire an editor, graphic designer, and marketer.

3. Sell Services On Fiverr

Sell Services On Fiverr

I can’t remember the number of times people ask me how they can make money online.

Knowing that I work from home, it often seems like an exciting and awesome career. When I try to guide them toward this astonishing path, they often get lost and quit.

If you have any sort of skill, chances are you can monetize that skill and make money online.

One way to do that is to offer your services to individuals who need it.

If you’re a fantastic writer, you can become a freelance writer and sell your skill on Fiverr. In case you don’t know, Fiverr is an online freelance marketplace where you can advertise your skills.

There are thousands and millions of people who need your service. If you can market your skill well, making money becomes easy peasy.

When you visit Fiverr, you will discover that there are tons of skills listed.

It could range from writing to graphic design, animation, translation, editing, SEO, voice recording, etc.

Whichever one you’re good at, you can list your skill and get connected to someone who needs your service.

Before becoming a full-time blogger, I was sustaining myself through freelancing. To be honest, my writing skill is the reason I am alive today.

Coming from a poor home, I needed a way to survive, or depression will become my companion.

If you’re on this page, confused and uncertain on the route to take in life.

Rest assured that you’re not alone. The good news is, you can make money from your skill. But the most important thing you need is determination and passion.

Getting clients on Fiverr is a battle. The worst part is being a Nigerian, which is a massive turn-off to numerous foreign clients. But with determination, you will push through.

4. Become A Facebook Marketer

Become A Facebook Marketer and Make Money Online In Nigeria

Facebook has over two billion users worldwide, and numerous businesses or companies are looking for ways to harness social media’s power.

If you’re exceptional when it comes to running adverts on Facebook, you can make money by marketing the products and services of businesses on Facebook.

There are so many small businesses in Nigeria that doesn’t know how to utilize social media.

With your digital skill, you can provide Facebook marketing services to these businesses.

But before you can make money through this means, you need to know your onion.

That is, you have to be versed when it comes to marketing on Facebook.

If after running a promotion for a business and it didn’t yield results, your client won’t be happy which is bad for business.

There are lots of materials and courses online that would guide you toward becoming a guru in Facebook marketing.

The number one platform where I refer people to learn this skill is YouTube. Some people find it more straightforward to understand video tutorials compared to text.

If you can’t afford the data to watch YouTube, you have another option: “MIDNIGHT BROWSING!”

5. Become An Influencer

Become An Influencer

I hesitated when adding this option. Not because you can’t make money as an influencer, but you will need to be hardworking and patient.

Depending on how you go about it, earning your first dime could take over a year.

But when you succeed in being an Instagram or TikTok influencer; money will never be your problem again.

Do you know that a micro social media influencer can earn from $300 to $500 per sponsored post?

Let me blow your mind a little.

Do you know that C.Ronaldo makes almost €1M per Instagram post? I know what you’re thinking; life is not fair.

But the thing is, you can have a share of that pie and live comfortably throughout your stay on earth.

What you need to do is pick the right niche that highlights your personality and remain consistent.

Given enough time, you will be able to grow your social media followers and get sponsorship deals. Becoming an influencer is not easy; every good thing comes with a price.

I have written tons of helpful resources regarding becoming an influencer. Do well to check it out, as it is a reliable way to make money in Nigeria.

6. Buy And Sell Domain Names

Buy And Sell Domain Names

Domain flipping is a lucrative business. I haven’t made money from this yet, but I know a handful of people who have earned thousands of dollars by flipping domain names.

The model of this business is easy to understand.

The first thing you need to do is register a name that has a commercial value.

Around 2018, the owner of bought for $1.5M from a domain reseller.

If you’re observant, you will notice that three to five letter domain names are hard to find. Sometimes it makes me wonder what the future will look like when almost all the words and phrases have been taken.

But if you’re in the year 2020, you still have time to tap into this lucrative business and make money.

When you register a domain name, you can list them for sale on domain flipping websites like Flippa, Afternic, Freemarket, etc.

In these sites, you can also find domains for sale. You can buy and resell at a higher, which is what most of these domain flippers do.

You can also develop blogs and websites on a specific niche, and put them up for sale. It could cost you #50,000 to create a real estate blog with at least 30 pillar post contents.

If you know what you’re doing, you can sell it off for #500,000 or more. If you think this idea sounds appealing, get to work by learning more about domain flipping business.

7. Video Blogging

Video Blogging and Make Money Online In Nigeria

I prefer to call it vlogging, and there are lots of Nigerians making lots of money from YouTube. If you’re fascinated with video making, then perhaps this is the ideal path for you.

Why I love vlogging is that you can start with any available resources.

If you don’t have a camera, you can use your iPhone since its camera quality is impressive.

If you don’t have such a robust device like an iPhone, you can improvise by relying on free stock footage.

There are lots of successful YouTube channels today that don’t create their videos.

They merely depend on stock footages, which can be free or bought depending on the platform.

I wrote an in-depth guide on how to start a YouTube channel, including some critical YouTube equipment to get started.

When you hit 1000 subscribers with 4000 watch hours, you can monetize your YouTube channel and make money.

But, it is not an easy route. Just like becoming an influencer, you need time and hard work to pull this off.

It is an exciting career, especially to individuals like me who are fascinated by cinematography.

Perhaps in the nearest future, I will venture into this path and diversify my income stream. You know why? It is a great way to make money online in Nigeria.

8. Develop An App

Develop An App

With AdMob, app developers can monetize their apps through adverts from Google. I have a friend who makes approximately $500 daily from his app. How the hell is that possible?

That was the exact question I asked when I saw his earning.

Developing an app is not cheap, especially if you’re not an app developer.

When I wanted to convert my blog to an app, the developer told me #200,000 that I had to run for my life.

Some app developers can develop an app for #100,000 or even lower, but the problem is that they might end up creating a trashy app filled with bugs.

But let’s say you manage to create an awesome app and list it on PlayStore and Apply store.

With a good marketing strategy, you will get tons of downloads and make money through AdMob.

It is not a must to do this alone, as you can partner with a friend or families who have a huge interest in creating an app.

You never can tell how a single decision can change your life for the better. Never allow procrastination to get the better of you.

9. Sell Your Photos

Sell Your Photos

If you have a DSLR camera or an incredibly powerful smartphone, you can take part in photography and sell your photos.

Visit sites like Shutterstock or Getty, do you think you can create such photos? If yes, perhaps you have found yourself a career.

First of all, you need to be an incredible photographer, as people can only buy high-quality photos that tell a thousand stories.

When someone wants to use your photos, they pay a license fee, which is a great way to make money online in Nigeria.

You can take a photo of your food, natural landscapes, office scenes, home, etc. Imagine making money from something you love so much.

Instead of always uploading photos on social media platforms like Instagram, why not sell it instead?

You probably won’t regret it as it is a stunning way to make money online in Nigeria.

10. Sell On Konga Or Jumia

Sell On Konga Or Jumia

If you have a product you want to sell, you can utilize these two eCommerce giants and make money online in Nigeria.

On Jumia, you can create your store and start selling your products. You don’t need to worry about marketing and logistics, as Jumia covers them.

You can become a vendor and own a store space under their website. The same applies to Konga. The commission fee is as low as 3%, and you only pay when you’ve successfully sold your product.

The opportunities these two platform offers is incredible, and you will be making money provided your products are well targeted to the right market.

11. Become An Amazon Associate

Become An Amazon Associate

If you have a blog or a website, you can make money from Amazon by recommending some of their products to your visitors.

For the best result, it is wise to create a niche site, which focuses only on one specific type of product.

I have seen a blog that centers only on Bed Lamps. Every recommendation and review is a link to Amazon, and they can make thousands of dollars with enough marketing.

Running a niche blog to become an Amazon Associate is not an easy endeavor. It calls for sacrifice, focus, determination, and patient.

Most of all, it calls for doing it right. When you follow the right steps or tips, succeeding becomes easy. To begin, start a blog, pick a niche, and apply to Amazon Associate.

12. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

With a blog or a vast social media account, you can refer your audience to a site to make an order.

When they complete a specific action or make a specific order, you earn a commission. There are lots of affiliate marketplaces that you can work with, like ClickBank or ShareASale.

You can even sign up to Jumia Affiliate Program, and promote most of their products.

If you’re able to write useful transactional articles that compel your readers to make an order, you will be making lots of money monthly.

You will need a blog to pull this off, and creating a blog is not rocket science. With #15,000, you can create a blog and design it.

I always recommend WordPress, and its numerous themes ensure you don’t even have to hire a web designer.

Over To You!

When I was researching ways to make money online in Nigeria, I came across hundreds of resources.

There are tons of ways to go about making money; it isn’t a straight line. The key to success is discovering one that you think you can handle and remain consistent and creative.

With enough hard work, you will start noticing traction.

So tell me which of the ideas would you love to try? Do you have any questions? Use the comment box, and I will respond.

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