Top 10 Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

Last Updated on July 31, 2020 by Henry Ibeleme

Every business aims to make money, increase customer database, and build a better brand. But most times, these can become hard to achieve.

But with reliable business marketing strategies, you will discover that growing your business is easy.

There are numerous strategies which you can implore, but the ones in this article have been tested and proven to yield result. These are tips that I have used to grow my writing business.

If you can master these strategies, growing an incredible brand becomes a natural nut to crack.

1. Social Media

Social Media marketing strategy

The first and most important strategy for growing your business is Social Media.

The world is more connected than ever before, and the chances of your target market being on your favorite social media platform are massive.

Facebook alone has more than two billion users, which is astonishing judging based on its potentials.

The social media platform you utilize depends on your target market. If you’re going to target millennia, Instagram, Facebook, and twitter will be ideal.

But if your target markets are business executives and professionals alike, LinkedIn becomes the most preferred.

All you have to do is create an account and then set up your profile to reflect your brand. That way, you can run social media ads and respond to customer’s feedback much faster.

2. Google My Business

Google My Business

If you’re a business targeting local clients, then Google My Business is something you must not neglect.

Many businesspersons believe this to be the most reliable business marketing strategies out there.

The main focus is to rank your GMB listings to the top 3.

That way, you will be able to generate tons of leads without spending a penny on ads.

Google My Business aims at bringing visibility to your business and would help build credibility for your brand.

When it comes to ranking your listing, it is not rocket science. An easy way to do that is to optimize your profile, get more reviews and citations. With that, you’re good to go!

3. Start Blogging

Start Blogging as marketing strategy

If your business doesn’t already have a web presence, you’re missing tons of online opportunities.

Despite being a brick-and-mortar business, you can still cater to the online market’s needs.

Starting a blog for your business is easy. You can either start on a free blogging platform or perhaps self-hosted.

I always recommend since they are reputable and reliable.

If I am to recommend, I always advise using WordPress due to its flexibility and functionality. You don’t need to hire a web designer, as there are tons of themes on the WordPress directory.

Starting A Self-Hosted Blog is best, as it shows you off as professional. To get a blog, simply register your domain and host using any preferred company of your choice.

4. Email Marketing

email marketing strategies

A lot of businesses believe that email marketing is dying. If you still check your Gmail inbox, that means such notions are lies.

Here is the fact; most website visitors will not buy anything on their first visit.

To ensure you don’t lose them, you can capture their contact information for marketing purposes.

There are lots of email marketing software that you can use, like MailChimp, Email Subscribers and Newsletter, HubSpot, etc.

A strategy I love so much is to offer an incentive in exchange for their email address. The incentive could be an eBook, a digital file, or perhaps a coupon code. Start building an email list today, and you will never regret it.

5. Video Content Creation

Video Content Creation marketing strategies

In case you’re not aware, people are getting lazy when it comes to reading loads of text.

In today’s world, they prefer video, which is why YouTube is becoming an untapped goldmine here in Nigeria.

You can market your goods and services through YouTube without any hassles.

The question is, how? The first step is to Create A Youtube Channel, then produce quality content you believe will appeal to your target market.

You can always link to your products and services through the description box.

6. Google Adwords

Google Adwords marketing strategies

If you have some money to spare, you can expose your business to thousands of potential market through Google Ads.

It is one of the marketing strategies that you can use to grow your business without hurdles.

But sometimes, running an ad on Google is often perceived as technical.

With Google AdWords, you will be getting targeted leads that convert without much persuasion. There are numerous advertising channels out there, but Google AdWords is the most reliable and reputable.

At least, you’re sure the traffic is genuine and not bots. If you’re running an eCommerce business, this is one of the most important marketing strategies that should be on your list.

7. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

This marketing strategy should be top on this list. But for some apparent reasons, it is making the seventh spot.

With a business blog, you can write valuable articles that your potential customers are looking for on the web.

When your blog is SEO optimized, it is a sure way to Increase Organic Traffic To Your Blog.

Not paying attention to SEO is one of the Reasons Businesses Fail In Nigeria, and you shouldn’t make that mistake. SEO is not a technical task, as most people often envision.

All it requires is to understand how keywords work, and what factors that influence Google Search Result Ranking. There are a number of them, like backlinks, social signals, length of the article, internal linking, permalink, Meta description, etc.

SEO takes time to kick in, especially if your blog/website is new with few contents. However, when you consistently deliver topnotch articles that are SEO optimized, you will be able to rank in a few months.

8. Use Influencers

Use Influencers

Another incredible marketing strategy for your business is utilizing influencers.

These are individuals in their field who have tons of followers on social media. There are lots of companies out there using this tip to grow their business fast.

All you have to do is find an influencer in your industry.

The more followers they have, the more likely they will charge high for a sponsored post.

Most times, what they need from you is just a sample of your products. When you get a shoutout from an influencer, you expose your business to a potential audience interested in your offers.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for marketing strategies

Another stunning way to grow your business is through affiliate marketing. It is pretty simple and doesn’t require you to be a badass programmer.

There are lots of affiliate marketing software, and most of them aren’t entirely free.

Affiliate Marketing is a way to reward your customers each time they refer someone to your business.

If the commission is enticing, you will get lots of affiliate members who will work tirelessly to market your business to the potential market.

10. Speak At Events

Speak At Events

If you’re an excellent public speaker, you can get your business in front of a new audience by speaking at events.

Not only will you be able to increase sales and customer base, but you also build your brand to become an authority.

Never turn down an opportunity to speak at events, and never be afraid to ask for a chance.

There are numerous places where you can talk, like in your local clubs, business networking groups, schools, churches, etc.


There are many ways to grow your business and become the top in your industry. Sometimes, the problem is not ignorance but rather – implementation.

This article can only be helpful if you’re able to implement some of the tips mentioned. When done, you will be surprised at the outcome after a few weeks.

Which of the marketing strategies do you think is more reliable? If you have further questions, use the comment box, and I will respond ASAP!

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