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9 FAST Ways To Promote Your Blog And Get Readers

Last Updated on May 13, 2020 by Henry Ibeleme

Ways To Promote Your Blog

After you have set up a blog, do you go about sharing your post links on social media and hoping for the best? There are tons of ways to promote your blog and get readers, and I am going to show you nine techniques on how to make it happen.

However, I won’t advise trying the nine techniques at once, since that would be draining. Among these techniques, choose one or two and stick to it. That way, you have better chances of seeing results. These are the same techniques I used to grow my niche blog from 0 to 50,000 pageviews a month.

But before you start inviting readers over, you first have to make sure your home is looking great. Imagine you’re hosting a party, and you’ve invited everyone at school or work.

hosting a blog promotion party

You probably would want to make sure there are enough chairs, light, water, snacks, and buzz. You might even make some signposts that point them to the toilet or bathroom.

In that same manner, you want to make sure your blog is ready to receive visitors. When visitors have an enjoyable experience in your blog, they would bookmark your blog and come more often.

But when user experience is poor, they would quickly use the back button, never to return. Here are some of the things you need to have in place before you start to promote your blog.

Blog Promotion Preparation

blog preparation for promotion


When you use a terrible host, you will find it frustrating running your blog. If you, as the owner, can be frustrated, imagine how users would feel. Since they’ve got nothing to lose, they would head over to another site without thinking twice.

Ever since I started blogging, Namecheap has been able to serve me pretty well, and I can’t stop recommending them. The domains and hosting plans are pretty affordable and would ensure you start on the right footing.

Most bloggers in Nigerians often opt for Nigerian host which is sad. You know why? I have used them myself and they are not reliable. Almost all the time, you will be battling with downtime, slow blog and more.


Your blog speed is critical if you want to retain your visitors. They don’t have to wait for eternity for a page to open. If such is the case, they would leave and never return.

Before you start promoting your blog, you have to ensure that your blog’s speed is top-notch. Super Cache Plugin is very useful and would help speed up your WordPress blog. Here is my list of top recommended WordPress plugins and how to install these plugins.


There are thousands of blog themes on WordPress that you can use to customize the appearance of your blog, both paid and free themes. But why I hate free themes most times is that the developers often dump them, thereby failing to make some security updates or bug fixes. To many of my readers, I always recommend using Astra.

Recommended Reading: How To Install A WordPress Theme

Set Up Google Analytics

Before you start bringing readers in, you need to have a system that helps your monitor their performance. Gladly, you can use Google Analytics, and it is free to use. I wrote a guide on how to install Google Analytics. Do check it out!

How To Promote Your Blog

1. Guest Blogging

If you’re trying to promote a new blog, one way to do that is through guest blogging. Although many expert bloggers are of the notion that guest blogging is dead, that is very far from the truth. I ran some research, and I came across a study. According to the survey, an average guest post brings about 50 visitors

guest blogging statistics

That is incredibly poor. The solution, however, is to find something I prefer to call a “hook.”

A hook is something that would compel your readers to want to check out your site. Brian Dean of Backlink prefers to use Guest Post Bonuses, and it works like magic. A post which he published on The Buffer blog got him over 471 visitors in the first month.

To make sure this technique works, it is important to guest post only to blogs that are related or in your industry. Make sure they have a considerable following and strong domain authority. That way, even a backlink from them would be beneficial for SEO.

2. Pin On Pinterest

promoting your  blog on pinterest

About 90% of bloggers in Nigeria don’t know this, but Pinterest is literarily a goldmine when it comes to traffic. Why I love Pinterest is that the result is pretty fast, unlike Google Organic traffic that takes months to kick in. Pinterest has over 320 million active monthly users, and you can leverage that data to promote your blog and even make money.

Over the years, the Pinterest algorithm keeps changing, and the aim was to serve users better. I did some research, and I discovered that mom blogs, pets, photography, and travel blogs tend to perform very well on Pinterest.

That doesn’t mean your niche can’t survive on the platform; you just have to be creative.

To tap from Pinterest’s traffic, ensure you have pinnable Pinterest images on your blog posts, then pin to related boards. You can use Canvas to create your pinnable Pinterest images and promote your blog like nothing matters.

3. Use Newsletter

using newsletter in your blog

Before you start to promote your blog, have a newsletter already breadthening in your blog. That way, your visitors would be glad to drop their emails if they were satisfied with their experience. Start building your list of subscribers, as they would become the pillars of your blog through their constant engagement.

For that, you would need two vital things in place:

  • An easy way for readers to sign up on your newsletter
  • A captivating reason to join your list, in which you have to invent a bait

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing, and you can make crazy income daily if you utilize it well. In the UK, the average ROI for an email campaign is £38 for every £1. While in the Us, it is $44 for every $1. 

If you were thinking of neglecting email marketing, you have to think again. According to Statista, the current number of email users amounts to 3.9 billion and expected to grow to 4.48 billion users in 2014.

To take full advantage of your email list, here are a few tips I have used to grow mine and keep them engaged.

Contact Your List

After you have built an email list, you need to use that list to grow your business continually. That is one of the most effective and reliable ways to promote your blog. When you email them, ask them to comment, like, and share with their network. The fact is, if they can subscribe to your newsletter, they can also spread the word about your new post.

Use An Email Signature

In case you don’t know what that is, it is a short text or image that stays at the end of every email you sent. You can use this tiny and insignificant element to promote your blog and grow a community. If you take full advantage of email, you will be able to witness an exponential growth in your blog.

4. Social Media Marketing

social media marketing for blog

You need to be very strategic with this technique if you must promote your blog. It isn’t a one-time thing to share your post and moving on. Nah! You need to do more than that. Here is what I do:

Find Relevant Groups And Join

The fact is, there are thousands if not millions of Facebook groups that you can join. But you need to join groups that are related to your industry for the best result. If you run a music blog, there are lots of music-related groups that you can join. These are platforms where your potential readers and customers are hanging out.

By being active in these platforms, you will steadily grow your traffic. Not just that, you will also be able to network with influencers or people already in the industry. Who knows, they might give you a shout-out or allow you to guest post on their blog.

Here are other social media platforms that you can use to promote your blog

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram, etc.

There are other communities you can join and actively promote your blog, like:

  • Web Forums
  • Quora
  • Pinterest Groups, etc.

If you want to create a community around your blog, consider creating your group on any of these platforms. Take note; you mustn’t be on all the social media platforms. Discover one that has more of your ideal audience, and stick to it.

Run Social Media Ad

If you’re you’re just starting; I won’t advise running some ads yet. Instead, focus on creating high-quality content that your readers would love. When your blog starts getting some little percentage of traffic, you can then run ads to boost that growth.

Numerous social media platforms allow you to promote your blog to your target audience actively. Facebook and Twitter are what I use most, and the result is always mind-blowing. But before you begin, you need to learn the ins and outs of social media ads to avoid wasting money.  

5. Partner With Other Blogs

partner with other bloggers

No matter how painful it sounds, the fact is that you can’t do it alone. If you aspire to succeed in blogging, you must be ready to message other bloggers. These are established folks in the industry, with lots of followers.

One way to hook up with these influential people is to get them to notice you. You do that by linking back to them and talking about how you love the value they offer. As long as your content is impressive and of high-quality, they would be super excited to share with their audience without having to ask them.

When you link to them or talk about them, let them know about it. By giving, you end up receiving more. When partnering with other blogs, here are other tricks you can use;

Interview Them On Your Blog

You can just ask for a quote or two, or perhaps interview them about their career. Not only does this give your blog credibility, but it also adds some uniqueness to your blog. They would also be more than willing to share with their followers. Do you know what that means? Traffic!

6. Create Killer Contents

creating great blog post

Content is king, and the greatest of all promotion would be ensuring you deliver high-quality content. Without this ingredient on your blog, every marketing strategy you implore would be futile. When I started blogging years ago, I didn’t pay much attention to my content. I was publishing three mediocre articles every day and hoping to hit the goldmine.  

Although I was getting tons of traffic, the blog crashed the moment Google rolled out a new update. What happened? My contents were so poor that Google now had to give my spot to better deserving pages. These are pages that go the extra mile to research, to include data, images, and even to write a 4000 words article.

Recommended Reading: How To Write A Fantastic Blog Headline

There is no doubt that the headline of your blog post is what catches your audience. In that case, you need to master the art of writing headlines if you must drive traffic!

When I compare these pillar posts to mine 500 words articles, it was evident why the blog failed. Apart from Google, your readers can only stick around when you offer value through your post. You must be ready to answer their questions, even answer more. That way, they would be like, “This post is awesome, lemme check out other posts.”

Once they browse through more contents and notice the uniqueness and honestly, they would immediately memorize your URL, bookmark or subscribe to your newsletter.

If you want to promote your blog, start by unleashing high-quality content. It isn’t easy writing a 2000 words article or more. But you can do it with determination. I wrote an article a few days ago on how to write a killer blog post. Ensure you read through as it would guide you to write content that converts visitors to followers.

7. Search Engine Optimization

seo blog promotion

Irrespective of your niche, your aim as a blogger should be to get tons of traffic from search engines like Google. However, you can’t make that happen without knowledge about SEO, keyword research, and how to run on-page SEO.

Many bloggers often see SEO as rocket science. But it’s not!

To better understand SEO, understand keywords and some known Google ranking factors like a backlink. Over the years, Google algorithm keeps changing, and those who survive are those who go the extra mile to offer value in their content.

The greatest thing you can do is write high-quality content, a data-driven, and well-researched blog post. That is what you need to stay afloat and avoid Google’s hammer. But before you start writing that pillar post of an article, you first need to identify your keywords.

Keyword Research

The first step to writing an article is to conduct research. It would help you learn about a keyword that is getting tons of searches on Google and how you can compete in that keyword. If your blog is still new, you can choose to target long-tail keywords instead.

To conduct keyword research, you can use tools like SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, and KWFinder. When you identify the keyword you want to rank for, then the next step would be –

On-Page SEO – Content Optimization

In this section, I would guide you on how to optimize your keyword for the best result. But before we begin, install the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. If you don’t know how to do this, check this article – How to install a WordPress plugin.

Add Meta Tags Title, URL And Description

If you’re using Yoast SEO plugin, the plugin will prompt you to fill these fields

  • Title – Ensure that your keyword is at the beginning of the title
  • URL – Try as much as possible to use short URLs that include your keywords
  • Description – Write a brief and attractive description that also contains your keywords.
seo meta url description

Apart from the title, URL, and meta description, you should make sure your keywords appear in the following places:

  • Main Heading (H1)
  • The first paragraph of your post
  • Page subheadings (H2/H3 ETC)

Try and ensure your keywords are strategically placed, and let it be natural. However, don’t force it, so as not to appear like you’re trying to trick Google. Make sure that they look naturally.

Another thing to learn regarding SEO is your images

Image Optimization

When optimizing your images, you need to have three things in mind:

  • Dimension
  • File Size
  • Alt text

For image dimension and size, I prefer to use the Smush WordPress Plugin. This plugin does incredibly well at reducing the size of your images and the image size for a faster page load. No doubt, this has an impact on your SEO.

Another aspect is the Alt text. Google is blind to images, so what helps it know the kind of image uploaded is the alt text. Not only Google, but it also helps the visually impaired readers to understand the picture. So, always describe your image using the alt text field.

8. Reply To Every Comment

replying to comments are promotion

You can’t build an authority blog by being a snub. Celebrities might be fond of that, but you shouldn’t. By continually responding with your readers through comment, you foster the spirit of community.

Sometimes, you might discover that you didn’t answer all the questions in your post. When these questions come in the form of a comment, you shouldn’t hesitate to explain. When you go the extra mile to answer questions on your comment section, the visitor will stick around for the next post.

If you aim to make money blogging, the first thing you need to do is build a community. The only way you can make that happen is by replying to every single comment on your blog. I mean, every one of them.

9. Use Awesome Visuals

using great images on blog post

If you’re not good with graphic design, then there are numerous places you can get free stock images for free. The trick is to use lots of visuals that keep your readers engaged and going. But when you bumper them with loads and loads of text, they would get bored and use the back button.

Here are some free stock images sites you can use to get images for your blog posts.

  • Pexels
  • Unsplash
  • Reshot
  • Pixabay
  • Foodiesfeed
  • Gratisography
  • Freestock.org
  • Pictography
  • Foca, etc

There are more free stock images sites on the web. If you have some extra buck, you can subscribe to ger premium images that you can use. If not, stick to the free images and make your blog posts stand out.

It is one thing to promote your blog; it is also an entirely different ball game to retain them. When your content is unique and stands out, you will no doubt hook them and convert them to daily visitors and subscribers.

What Do You Think?

This is the part where you speak your mind. What do you think about these techniques regarding blog promotion? Which of the techniques are you going to try first? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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