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How To Promote Your Small Business In Nigeria

How To Promote Your Small Business In Nigeria

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of not making marketing a top priority. Due to this negligence, they struggle to sell their products and services.

I recently came across an excellent fast food restaurant in Umuahia, and unfortunately, they had no online presence.

Since there were numerous other competitors with a massive customer base, I knew I had to step in.

Working as a digital marketer and Public Relations Officer allowed me to take conscious actions that gave the restaurant online visibility.

I actively engaged their customers on all the social platforms, including Google My Business page and business website.

Having added these elements with plans to start running social media ads soon, I did not doubt that all it will take is a little time for a growth explosion.

If you own a business and you’re looking for ways to promote your small business in Nigeria, this article will serve as a guide.

Are you ready?

1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Irrespective of your type of business, you need to incorporate this marketing strategy to grow.

Come to think of it; virtually all your customers are on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

If these customers can actively follow and engage with your business online, your business brand will attract more customers.

Opening a social media account for your business is free. You don’t need to pay any money to anyone.

You can easily open a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn just for your online presence.

After creating these social handles, you can run sponsored ads that can run for a day, two days, a week, or a month.

It all depends on your budget and how much you plan to spend that month.

The reason many entrepreneurs shy away from social media advertising is that they fear it’s expensive.

However, these are merely false fears as these sponsored ads are cheap and affordable.

With #1,500, you can run a social media ad and make more than your initial investment in one day.

With social media ads, you can choose to target people in a specific location and age bracket.

These settings will help your advert to reach potential customers that are most likely to patronize you.

If you’ve not started running social media ads for your business, you’re missing many business opportunities.

2. Business Signage

Business Signage as a way to promote your small business in Nigeria

I’m not referring to these poorly constructed wooden signposts you see everywhere these days.

In business, the first impression matters a lot, and your sign affords you the privilege to make a good impression.

Some businesses that do pretty well in that arena are filling stations. Their signpost is often gigantic and pretty attractive.

Your business signage doesn’t have to be as big as the Statue of Liberty, but you can make it an attraction.

If possible, make it glow at night, as it serves as an attention grabber to potential customers.

If you’re running a business that requires a physical location, ensure you invest in attractive signage.

Remember, it is one of the business’s elements that will stick with you for years. In most cases, it is a one-time investment.

Although these attractive signages can be expensive, their impact on your business will ensure you recuperate your expenses.

Make sure you take a permit from local authorities before setting up your sign.

If everything goes successfully, rest assured your signage will do its job to bring in customers.

By using a signage, you will promote your small business in Nigeria without hassles.

3. Business Website

through business website, you can Promote Your Small Business In Nigeria

You will be stunned if you know the number of businesses without a website. Imagine the lost leads and opportunities.

One of the most common routes to promote your business in today’s business environment is through a business website.

Creating a website doesn’t have to cost you a hand and a leg. It is very cheap if you work with a reliable hosting company.

What I used to build my business website and that of clients is Namecheap.

A .com domain and a shared hosting plan are $26.34. That is not even up to #10,000 when converted to naira.

If it is this cheap, why haven’t you establish a website for your business?

If it is because of the technicalities involved, contact me to set it up for you.

The aim is to set up a professional-looking website in a cost-effective way.

With a business website, the potentials are tremendous. The fact is, it is a gigantic step toward creating a strong brand.

After you’ve purchased a domain and a hosting plan from Namecheap, contact me immediately for the website design and development.

4. Run Contests

Run Contests as a way to promote your small business in Nigeria

Another incredible way to promote your small business in Nigeria is by running contest or important events.

When I started, I reasoned that running contests would have to involve finance. But that is far from the truth.

Some contests can involve other kinds of rewards, not monetary alone.

For instance, I often organize the “Customer of the Week” event, where customers have to make some orders to qualify.

The reward is featuring these esteem customers on your social handles and business website.

Through this contest, the featured customer can share with friends and family, thereby bringing more visibility.

Aside from customer of the week, there are other events you can run, which most times can involve little prices like recharge cards, or even money depending on your capability.

The aim is to create a personal and lasting bond with customers and expose your business to potential customers.

Among all the marketing strategies I know, the contest seems to be an easy and straightforward way to promote your small business in Nigeria.

5. PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing

I am sure you always come across Google ads while browsing your favorite blog, forum, or social media.

Have you ever thought of running such similar ads for your business?

Maybe you have envisioned it to be a complicated process and as thus, overlooked it.

However, running Google ads is not as complicated as you may have imagined.

You don’t need to have an incredible skill, nor does it involve coding. If you can manage your social media handle, then you can easily pull this off.

If you already have a Gmail account, this makes the process even more comfortable as you don’t need to sign up for an account.

With your Gmail account, you can access Google AdWords and run some promotions for your business.

I am currently managing a restaurant’s online presence, which entails targeting a specific target market in Umuahia.

To ensure that my advert has an incredible reach, I had to instruct Google to run this ad only individuals in Umuahia at a certain age bracket.

Depending on your advert format, you might need to hire a graphic designer to help with the banner. That way, the CTR will be impressive.

If you’re a business and looking to run adverts on Google but don’t know-how, you can hire me as your digital marketer.

Rest assured that within a few weeks of working with your business, you will notice a difference in your brand’s visibility online.

Running Google ads for your business promotion is affordable and cheap. Besides, you only pay when you get a lead.

That is why it is called PPC Marketing – Pay Per Click.

6. Join Forums

Join Forums

There are numerous forums in Nigeria, and most of them can help you create awareness for your business.

The most popular forum, however, is Nairaland, which has over two million users.

This forum serves virtually every industry, so you don’t need to worry about not being in the right niche.

Through forums, you can promote your small business in Nigeria without paying a dime.

How possible is that?

Well, ever wondered why members of Nairaland often struggle for something called FP (FrontPage)? That is because, at this spot, you have thousands of audience ready to learn about your business.

When you’re first to comment or perhaps, on the first page of a thread that just hit the front page, you have the opportunity to market your business.

However, you don’t need to spam. Ensure you make valuable input relating to the thread before you finally promote your products and services.

But if you jump right in and start advertising your business, the moderators can ban, delete, or suspend you from the forum.

Also, such an approach doesn’t bring any customer, as people often feel repulsed by such a post.

But if you offer valuable input in your first paragraphs, you will get their attention, and like this, market your business in the last section.

For a better result, ensure that the thread is related to your industry.

7. Set Up Google My Business

Set Up Google My Business to Promote Your Small Business In Nigeria

Another terrific way to promote your small business in Nigeria is through Google My Business.

It is entirely free, with no special requirements. As long as you have a business, you can use this feature to promote your business.

When you sign up for an account, take your time to fill in your business’s crucial details. It is pretty easy to handle.

To have full control of Google My Business, you will need to verify your account.

Typically, Google will send you a mail containing a pin. This mail will be sent to a location you specified or the nearest post office.

The pin often takes fourteen (14) days or more to arrive. So, you will need to request and wait for it to be delivered.

With Google My Business, you can easily link it to your business’s location. With this feature, customers will find it easy to locate your business, even drop reviews.

If you don’t have the finance to open a website for your business, Google My Business also offers you an alternative.

It is free and easy to use. If you’re a busy entrepreneur and looking to hire an extra hand, then head over to my contact page.

8. Promote Customer’s Reviews And Social Signals

Promote Customer's Reviews And Social Signals

Reviews from customers can compel a potential customer to make an order.

That is because people are more wired to take opinions from other customers since they are mostly honest.

If so, it will make sense to ask for reviews and even feature some of them on your website’s homepage, social handles, and Google My Business page.

If you have tons of email subscribers and followers on your social handles, let this figure be an element that convinces potential customers to take action.

When lots of people are going for a product, people are most likely to do the same due to FOMO (fear of missing out).

Through customer reviews, you can promote your small business in Nigeria without spending a dime.

9. Customer Generated Content

Customer Generated Content

When a customer shops in your business, what happens when they upload pictures of their shopping activity on their social handles?

When customers create a content that focuses on your business’s brand, product s or services, reposting such content on your business handles will be ideal.

That way, the customer feel recognized and appreciated. Also, they are likely to repost or share with their circle.

That means more exposure for your business and offers.

A company that does exceptionally well in this regard is GoPro. When their users shot videos using their action cameras, these contents are often uploaded on their official accounts.

Irrespective of your industry or products, you can encourage your customers to post about your business on their social handles and pages.

It is undoubtedly an effective way to promote your small business in Nigeria without spending a dime.

10. Keep Improving

Business improvement quote

If you must continue growing as a business, you should never remain stagnant. It would help if you kept growing as a business by improving your products and services.

That way, customers will have a reason to keep patronizing your business.

When you offer value, customers will love you for it. In most cases, they spread the word through word of mouth.

But when your products and services are not different from those of a competitor, which means you have no edge.

When your businesses have no edge or advantage, it will struggle when it comes to surviving the intense competition.

Over To You

Now that you’ve learned how to promote your small business in Nigeria, which of these marketing strategies do you think you’ll try first?

It isn’t a must to try all the promotional strategies; you have to use the more effective ones.

As you run your marketing campaigns, monitor performance, and determine where you need to focus on more.

You mustn’t do this alone, as you can always hire an extra hand while you focus on the big picture.

If you want to keep receiving an awesome post like this, make sure you subscribe.

Also, leave a comment and don’t forget to share.

See you soon!

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