How To Become A Social Media Influencer

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How To Become A Social Media Influencer In Nigeria

According to a study, about 4% of people trust products and services endorsed by celebrities, which is why being a social media influencer is a lucrative and exciting journey.

If you’re looking for a detailed guide on how to become a social media influencer in Nigeria, then you’re on the right page.’

For years now, influencers in Nigeria often span from the entertainment industry like actresses, actors, and musicians.

But today, anyone can be a social media influencer with the help of social media. You do not need to be an actress, an actor, or a musician.

Do you know what you need? The passion for making it happen. Before I start guiding you on how to begin this journey, see who an influencer is.

If you want to dabble into this career, rest assured that the journey is not going to be easy. But wait! Is anything easy in life?

With dedication and persistence, you will be able to grow in your niche and become an icon million follow and respect.

Before I begin this guide on how you can become a social media influencer in Nigeria, take a look at the types of influencers we have. 

Types Of Influencers

social media influencer in Nigeria

There are numerous categories of influencers in Nigeria, and what determines where you fall into, is your career path.

But the end goal is always the same; they make money by helping brands create awareness for their products and services.

Social media is the bane of every influencer, thereby making them more accessible. Today, influencers fit into the following categories.

  • Celebrities: Artists, athletes, pop stars. Example: Wizkid, Genevive Nnaji, etc.
  • Industry experts and thought leaders: Example: Dimma Umeh, etc.
  • Micro-Influencers: Individuals with an impact on social media. Etc. Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju [Bobrisky]
  • Bloggers and Content Creators. Example: Linda Ikeji, Ibeleme Henry, Sisi Yemmie, etc.

The primary tool these influencers use if social media, which allows them to connect to their followers and promote brands seamlessly.

Now the burning question is: Where do you start?

This guide is going to be pretty long, but it will cover everything you need to know to become a social media influencer here in Nigeria.

If you follow these processes and implement the strategies, you will start gaining traction within a month. Without wasting further time, let’s begin!

How To Become A Social Media Influencer In Nigeria

1. Discover Your Niche

Discover Your Niche

To become a social media influencer in a platform like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., you need first to discover your niche.

What do I mean by niche? I mean a field where you want to dominate. It could be in

  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Fitness,
  • Food
  • Travel, etc.

Do you know why many never end up becoming an influencer? They have no focus.

Visit their social media handles, and you’ll see diverse topics cluttered around. Today, they will teach you how to cook fried rice.

The next minute, they are showing you how to make money online. They have no focus, so potential followers and brands never have anything to do with them.

I have a friend who started a YouTube channel to become an influencer in his niche. Three years later, he is still struggling to reach 1000 subscribers. What happened?

I went through his channel, and I discovered that he has no focus. His contents were so great and amazing.

But what happened? Why is he not an influencer yet? The problem was very glaring.

He was a jack of all trade. He wanted to kill multiple birds with one stone and he failed, woefully.

The first key to success as a social media influencer is to find a niche and stick to it.

Even when the temptation is high, never derail from your niche. With consistency, you become synonymous with that industry. 

2. Choose Your Social Media Channel

Choose Your Social Media Channel

After you have discovered your niche, the next step is choosing a social media platform.

There are tons of social media platforms on the internet today. But if you want to make it big as an influencer, you have to delve into Instagram.

Who Is An Instagram Influencer?

An Instagram influencer often target millennial and Gen-Z groups on Instagram through posting of high-quality pictures, videos, and sponsored endorsements of brands. 

However, Instagram is not the only channel you can utilize to become an influencer. You can use Twitter or even LinkedIn, depending on your niche. 

One of the mistakes I see upcoming influencers make is trying to dominate all social media platforms, although this is possible if you’re working as a team. But alone? Nah! It would be exhausting.

I often advise my followers to stick to one channel and strive to make it big.

When you focus on one, it gives you more time to learn the tricks and tips involved. But when you’re handling two channels, it becomes a distraction.

What determines your channel is your target audience. If you’re targeting millennials, Instagram and Twitter would be best.

If, on the other hand, your target audience comprises mostly business executives, LinkedIn would be your best bet. 

Another factor that would help choose the best channel is your type of content.

If it is going to be video-based content, then you need to create a YouTube channel.

Whichever channel you’re going for, stick to it and learn all the tricks involved. That way, you have better chances of succeeding than someone who wants to dominate all the platforms.

3. Develop Your Content Strategy

This section is sounding somewhat technical, but don’t allow it to scare you. It merely deals with the kind of posts you will be posting as a social media influencer in Nigeria.

First of all, the post you publish on your social media channels depends on your niche. Whatever that is, you have to make it a duty to create high-quality content.

When you fail in that regard, you will fail in this journey.

Decide on the format you want to use and make sure it allows you to create high-quality content.

It should be able to educate your followers, express your personality and voice. That is the only way you can connect to your followers as an influencer.

You need to give your audience the right balance of information. That is the only way you can gain their trust and loyalty.

One effective strategy is using the 5-3-2 Principle.

What does that even mean?

The 5-3-2 Principle

This strategy means that in every ten posts that you publish on your channel, five of these posts should be fantastic content by someone else, usually written by another influencer in your niche.

Three posts should be educational and informative content written by you, while the last two contents should be about yourself.

If you master this strategy, you’ll be on your path to success as a social media influencer in Nigeria. 

A common problem prospective influencers often encounter is ideas. They keep asking questions like:

“Where do I get ideas for a post?”

“What kind of information should I share about myself.”

If you want to become a successful social media influencer in Nigeria, you need to know what your audience would find beneficial. There are many ways to find ideas, and the number one platform is Google. 

Let’s say you’re an influencer in the agricultural industry.

You can get content ideas by heading toward Google and search for “Tomato growing problems.”

Google related searches

Scroll down to the bottom of the search; you will see “Related Searches.” These are some other ideas you can also write about in your channel.

Also, it gives you an idea of what your target audience has been searching for. 

Here are some other ways you can get content ideas:

Quora – Quora is an incredible platform where you can answer questions related to your industry or niche. Before now, you’ve probably read some answers on Quora while searching Google. As an influencer, you can follow boards in your niche, and answer questions. That way also gets ideas about the kind of content you should publish.

Nairaland – Although this platform has refused to evolve, but it is still one of the best forums in Nigeria with more than two million members. The forum has some sections like politics, entertainment, family, health, etc. Depending on your niche, you can become an active participant in any of the board and gain followers. Also, the topics created by members would give you an idea of the kind of content to create for your followers.

4. Utilize Hashtags

Utilize Hashtags social media influencer in Nigeria

To become a social media influencer in Nigeria, you need to master and harness the power of a hashtag.

This technique is one of the most effective methods you can use to expose your content to your target audience.

When it comes to hashtags, twitter and Instagram are winners in that arena. Don’t you know what a hashtag is? Here is a simple definition. 

What Is A Hashtag?

According to Lexico, It is merely a word or phrase, beginning with a hash sign (#), often used on social media platforms to identify messages on a specific topic.

For a better result, you need to make sure that you’re using a hashtag related to your niche. Also, it must be a popular hashtag so your post would get more reach.

The fact is, your target markets are using these hashtags, even following them to stay updated.

In case you have no idea about the hashtag to use, many hashtag generators on the internet would guide.

Top Best Hashtag Generators

  • Hashtagforlikes
  • Kicksta
  • Ingramer
  • BigBnagram
  • AllHashtag, etc

The best part is, they are free to use. Depending on the keywords or niche, these hashtag generators would pull up lucrative hashtags that you can use on your post.

The maximum number of hashtags that you can use on Instagram is 30, while twitter recommends using no more than two hashtags per tweet.

It is not about the number of hashtags, but the effectiveness of the hashtag.

When you use a popular hashtag in your niche, people are more likely to discover your post and follow your handle.

Always use hashtags in all your posts!

5. Follow And Collaborate With Other Influencers

Follow And Collaborate With Other Influencers

To grow to the rank of some top social media influencers in Nigeria, you need to follow them and build relationships with them.

Although it is not easy to collaborate, especially if you’re new with few followers. They might not even reply to your private messages due to the overwhelming messages on their inbox.

However, there are tricks that you can use to get their attention. When you have their attention, one can then be able to pitch your idea and collaborate with them. 

  • Share Their Contents – Always repost or retweet their content, without forgetting to mention them. By doing this, you will start appearing more in their notification. They might even begin to wonder, “who is this individual sharing my content?” This curiosity might compel them to check out your handle.
  • Leave valuable comments – To get their attention, you need to leave useful comments. Not just anyhow comment, but one that adds to the value of the post. Everyone loves flattery, so utilize the comment box, and you will get the attention you deserve.
  • Mail Them – A lot of people are dominating their social media inbox. You honestly do not want to join the competition. Instead of joining the multitude, snoop around and get their email address. Send them a mail, talk about how they inspire you, and encourage you.
  • Mention Them – Don’t forget to mention your handle username, to remind them of the constant notification. The influencer will automatically feel indebted to respond and even collaborate with you, especially if the influencer sees how serious you are.

Collaborating with influencers would expose you to their audience, from which you can steal some followers and attain success as a social media influencer. 

Collaboration helps you as an influencer, but you will also learn some strategies they use to create engagement. 

6. Always Respond To Comments

I see a lot of wannabe influencers already behaving like a superstar by ignoring comments and focusing only on publishing.

If you want to make it far, you need to establish a relationship with your followers through comments. Always respond to comments until you have no strength to reply.

By so doing, they know that you care. Everyone likes someone humble, and you show that through comments.

If there is a common question, they are asking, make a post, and answer these questions as honestly as possible.

Don’t forget to garnish your comments and posts with a good sense of humor. That way, you relate to them more in a human sense than a robot with an account. 

7. Remain Consistent

Consistency is key to success, irrespective of your career path. The path of an influencer is a long journey, and you must be ready.

It is not something that would blow overnight. It consists of consistent efforts. Never stop posting or stop trying to gather followers.

If you’re able to hit 5k to 10k followers, you will watch as growth kicks in automatically. It is not magic!

Frequently Asked Questions On Social Media Influencer In Nigeria

1. How Many Followers Do I Need To Become An Influencer?

There is no specific number, but you can begin this exciting journey with 5000 followers, as long these followers are active and interested in your niche.

2. How Much Do Nigerian Instagram Influencers Make?

The amount an influencer makes depends on the number of followers. With 10,000, a Nigerian influencer can make up to #20,000 per sponsored post.

3. So I Need Money To Become An Influencer?

You do not need any money. Creating a social media handle is free unless perhaps you want to run ads, which will cost you money.

4. Can I Buy Followers Or Account?

Never make the mistake of buying followers, as most of them are merely bots. You need people who are interested in your niche. You can only get them organically.

The moment you buy followers from these Indian companies, your account becomes vulnerable to hack.

Over To You

That is all for how to become a social media influencer in Nigeria. With the right guide and mindset, you will be able to create a niche for yourself and make money doing what you love.

Before you leave, ensure you subscribe to get more tips and tricks on how to succeed as an influencer here in Nigeria. It is free.

Do you have more questions for me? Use the comment box below, and I will respond. Good luck!

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