How To Start A Youtube Channel [2021 Guide]

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How To Start A Youtube Channel In Nigeria

If you’re looking for a guide on how to start a YouTube channel in Nigeria, then you’re on the right platform.

According to Tubics, there are over 31 million YouTubers on the planet. When it comes to making money online, one of the most reliable ways is vlogging.

What does that even mean? Just as blogging, vlogging entails choosing an area of interest and creating valuable videos that people would love to watch.

There are lots of Nigerian YouTubers who are making thousands of dollars monthly, creating content that they love.

Although to reach that stage, you need to start the journey at least.

I am not going to promise that it would be easy, but you will achieve your dreams with the right guide.

In this article, I am going to guide you on you can begin this exciting journey.

Most times, the reason many prospective Nigerian YouTubers are yet to start is that they have no camera.

But hey! You don’t need that tool yet. There are lots of YouTubers today that started with a smartphone. The key to success is to start with the tools you have now.

If you’re ready and determine to dabble into this journey, here is how to begin!

1. Discover Your Purpose

Before you start creating that channel, the first thing you need to do is first discover your passion.

There are tons of niches that you can do.

Unfortunately, the most common here in Nigeria is a comedy skit, which is gradually becoming very competitive and boring.

Apart from comedy skits, there are numerous untapped niches that you can do. They are very lucrative, with little to no competition here in Nigeria.

The first key to succeeding as a YouTuber is to start on the right niche, then remain consistent.

I see a lot of YouTubers creating content on almost every subject. You will visit a channel, and after going through the videos, you still can’t tell what the channel’s purpose is.

If you delve into that route, you will get frustrated.

Below are some niches that are lucrative if done here in Nigeria;

  • Food channel
  • Travel channel
  • Phone reviews
  • Fashion
  • Motivation
  • Gaming
  • Finance, etc.

Before you settle for any, ensure that you have a passion for it and that you have experience.

You can’t start a Phone Review channel if you know nothing about smartphones. The same way you can’t start a gaming channel if you’re not a gamer.

But let’s say you travel a lot, or perhaps you have a passion for traveling. You can visit some incredible places in Nigeria and make videos about them.

With dedication and consistency, you will become a top travel vlogger in Nigeria.

2. Create A YouTube Channel

create a youtube channel

After discovering your passion, or perhaps niche, the next step would be creating a channel.

When it comes to how to start a YouTube channel in Nigeria, all you need is just a Gmail account.

You don’t need to have any programming skills or experience. You don’t need any initial capital for investment.

If you can create a Facebook account, then you can also create a YouTube channel.

If you’re going to use your mobile phone, the easiest way is to download the “YouTube Studio” from your app store.

With your Gmail account, you do not need to sign up for anything. Tap on the Menu and click on “Create a new channel.”

You will need to name your channel, upload a cover picture, and fill in some details about your industry and so on.

It is effortless! All you need to do is follow the app as it guides you on what to do.

How to create a YouTube channel in Nigeria through your computer

1. Go to your channel list

2. You can either create a new channel or use an existing channel. Assuming this is your first time, then create a new channel.

create youtube channel

3. Fill out the details, which include your channel name, verify your account, then tap done. EASY!

Although that is not where it ends, as you will need to upload your channel art, YouTube recommends a 2560 x 1440 pixel image.

Once you have finished setting up your channel, congratulations, now you’re ready to take the next step!

If you’re still confused, the video below would guide you on how to create a YouTube channel in Nigeria.

3. Plan Your Content

Plan Your Content

Since you already know the kind of content you will be producing, now is the time to plan.

One of the mistakes Nigerian YouTubers make is often to create content whenever they feel like they should.

If you want to make money as a YouTuber, then you need to be very serious.

The only way to keep your audience is if they know when your next video will drop. You can’t achieve that if you don’t plan your content.

Grab your calendar and tick days you wish to shoot new content. Three videos a week is not bad as long as it’s of high quality and offers value.

You can decide to create a video every week, or twice. Remember the golden rule, quality, over quantity!

After planning your content, do well to tell your subscribers when next they should expect your video.

Also, don’t forget to remind them to subscribe and turn on the notification bell.

4. Use The Right Tools

YouTube tools how to start a youtube channel in Nigeria

At first, shooting your videos using your smartphone is good.

Smartphones these days come with an excellent camera quality that looks as if it was shot using a DSLR camera.

However, you can invest in a superior quality DSLR camera if you have the money.

There are also other tools you will need, like tripods, lenses, studio lighting, and a good microphone.

I made a post on vital YouTube Equipment you will need in this journey.

Take note that you mustn’t have these tools to begin. You can always improvise with what you have. Being a YouTuber entails being creative.

For instance, you can place your smartphone on a tall stand, if you don’t have a tripod. However, ensure that it is safe and won’t drop.

One of the things that would make a significant difference is lighting and a good microphone.

Make sure your environment is beautiful and reflects your niche, with adequate lighting. Apart from investing in some studio lighting, natural light is a great option.

Open the window and face the sunlight.

5. An Editing Software

YouTube Editing tools

You don’t need to be a badass video editor to run a YouTube channel.

There are numerous video editing software that you can use. Some are paid, while there are also some free ones you can use.

The most popular is the Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere, PowerDirector, etc.

The one I have used, and it was pretty easy, was Filmora.

At first, the software would seem very technical and advance, but you will understand it with time.

If perhaps you don’t have a computer and you want to edit using your mobile phone, it is still very possible.

Today, there are powerful mobile editing apps that would get the job done, like KineMaster, VivaVideo, and Filmora.

You can easily download them from your app store.

If you’re having difficulty using any of this software or apps, that doesn’t mean you can’t start a YouTube channel here in Nigeria.

There are some tutorials on YouTube that would guide you step by step on how to use them.

When you understand the basics, nothing can stop you!

6. Optimize Your Videos

Optimize Your Videos

There are many guides on how to start a YouTube channel in Nigeria, but they won’t tell you to optimize your videos.

This practice is what will determine if you will succeed or not. To give your video visibility on YouTube, you need to help it rank by making sure you use the right keywords in the right places.

Let’s say you made a video on “How to start a YouTube channel in Nigeria.”

You need to make sure that this keyword appears in your “Title,” “description,” and “tags.”

That way, YouTube would understand what the video is all about, and rank it whenever someone types something similar on search.

Put yourself in the shoes of your viewers; how would they find your video? It is through the search box, no doubt.

After understanding how your potential viewers search for your content, optimize your videos, so it becomes easy to find.

7. Build A Relationship With Your Viewers

Build A Relationship With Your Viewers

When you’re consistent with producing high-quality videos, you will start gaining followers.

To further connect with your subscribers, always urge them to follow you on your social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Also, make it a habit by always replying to comments. In all your videos, recognize your viewers and answer all the questions as honestly as possible.

When you interact more with your subscribers, your community will keep growing as they recommend you to their circle.

Learning how to start a YouTube channel in Nigeria is not enough if you don’t know how to build an audience.

One of the YouTubers that inspires me a lot is “Mock news with Paranran.” I love how he connects with his viewers, and I wish every YouTuber in Nigeria should master it.

Without this incredible skill, you won’t make it very far.

8. Ignore Negative Comments

dealing with negative comments

No matter how big or small you are, there will always be negative comments. It’s inevitable, so prepare for them.

Never allow these negative comments to put you down or discourage you. Most times, you might feel running a YouTube channel here in Nigeria is a big mistake.

Don’t fall into that rut.

Instead of allowing these comments to put you down, let it act as a guide to help you improve.

If the comment was about your acting, voice, video quality, or general content, it should help you grow.

Ignore every comment aimed at bringing you down. No matter how good you are, haters would surely exist.

To succeed, you need to grow and become better. Never get too comfortable. Keep getting better every day, and your viewers would love you.

9. Consistency

consistency is key to success in vlogging

Do you want to succeed as a YouTuber here in Nigeria? Then you need to remain consistent with what you’re doing.

Keep dropping new videos, even when it’s hard. Shooting videos once every month or two months will not take you anywhere.

The fact is, such practice would delay your success a great deal.

One of the things I discovered that helps YouTubers stay consistent is when they network with others.

There are numerous groups for Nigerian YouTubers that you can join. They might be newbies like you, or perhaps established in their niche.

When you associate with people in the industry, they will always inspire you to keep fighting.

Most times, they might even feature you on their channel, thereby giving you more exposure.

Nothing in life is easy; you just have to make the sacrifice and reap the rewards later. When you do it right, you will get it right. There is no magic!


When it comes to how to start a YouTube channel in Nigeria, many people might discourage you.

I call them the naysayers. They will tell you how unrealistic it is, how competitive, and even how you lack the skill or talent.

When they say that it’s impossible, prove to them that it is possible.

Before you head over to create that YouTube channel, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and get tips that would help you succeed as a YouTuber here in Nigeria.

You must keep learning to succeed. Do you have further questions for me? Comment below, and I will guide you further.

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  1. Babatunde Sadiat

    Just read through your article I am new to you as I just created my channel yesterday.I want to create content on education but I see its not among the top searched for YouTube channel,I am discouraged already but I still want to go ahead

  2. Hi, my name is Anna. I am a Nigerian, also 13 years old. I want to start mine after my exam. I don’t know what to do on my channel. Please advise me

  3. Hey Anna, all you can atleast do is to start making videos of what you love doing. You can actually video yourself prank calling your friends for fun e.t.c. Also since you are still 13 yrs, you actually need to seek guidance from an older sibling or parent for you to be able to monetize your contents

  4. Hey,am quadri aka quizzy also 13 Years old.i have a YouTube channel already but I don’t really have views.the purpose of d channel is to post my freestyle video.pls I need ur advice

  5. Hi, my name is Esther am new to your channel, just came across this and I found it helpful since I’m preparing to start a YouTube channel and it’s very important to get some tips that will help me just like your tips. My proposed channel is on “juicing for health” My question :

    1. How do I get more views and subscribers?, I noticed that so many people are into this already

    2. How do I associate with other YouTuber?

    3. How exactly do I build my audience?

    Lastly I need your professional advise on this.

    Thanks and remain blessed.

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