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How To Start A Blog In Nigeria: Dummy Guide

Last Updated on July 26, 2020 by Henry Ibeleme

start a blog in Nigeria

Starting a blog in Nigeria doesn’t have to be frightening. When I started mine five years ago, I made numerous overwhelming mistakes.

These are mistakes that could have been easily avoided had I known better. Knowledge is power, and will always be the greatest tool to success.

Starting a blog is super easy, but achieving success like the few isn’t, unless in rare cases where luck played a role.

In this post, I am going to walk you through the process of how to start a blog. While at it, I would be asking some sensitizing questions that will determine if you’re ready.

Many like you have started and failed like I did many years ago. But with a guide like this, you will be starting on the right footing.

There are countless reasons why you would want to start a blog. Back in 2010, I needed a blog but didn’t know-how.

It took me four years later to learn the basic nitty-gritty and by then, my proposed niche has already been saturated.

I did create my own space, but surviving in an intense atmosphere needed more than passion.

So, here are a few basic steps to creating a blog. You might want to save this page for later reading. Are you ready?

Simple Steps To Start A Blog

Choose A Blogging Platform

start a blog in Nigeria by using a blogging platform

The first dilemma prospective bloggers often face when it comes to creating a blog is the blogging platform to choose.

Most, if not many have settled for blogspot.com with the knowledge that it is easier to manage.

Although that is very true, you need much more. There are numerous blogging platforms, but the most popular and powerful is WordPress.org.

Among Nigeria bloggers, they often go for either WordPress or Blogger. However, there are tons of other platforms you should know.

To many who always ask me, I recommend WordPress due to its flexibility and numerous functions.

You can do absolutely anything with WordPress. It is open-source software with limitless functionality.

Two weeks of playing around with this software and you will discover it’s not hard to manage at all.

Before the end of this article, you’ll learn how to install WordPress and start blogging

Register Your Domain And Secure A Hosting

domain and hosting

After you have decided on your blogging platform, which is WordPress. The next step is registering your domain name and securing a hosting plan.

Without a domain and a host, you cannot start a blog. There are many domain registrars and hosts on the internet. Almost all the companies offer both. Apart from your domain, you’ve to make sure you deal with a reliable hosting company.

You don’t want a situation where your blog is offline for hours or days. The negative implication is horrendous.

Below are some domain and hosting companies that have been proven to be reliable by successful bloggers.

  • Bluehost.com
  • HostGator
  • Hostinger
  • Siteground
  • Namecheap
  • Godaddy
  • IPage, etc.

Their prices will differ. Browse through each of them and make a choice. While going for a domain name, go for the .com extension. Aside from its popularity, it is also cheap compared to .net and .org. Although you might want to secure those later, to protect your brand.

I use Namecheap.com, and one of the factors I love about this hosting company is their support service.

Within a few seconds, there is an agent ready to guide and solve your problems. Don’t make the mistake of using Nigerian hosts, cause the experience will kill your blogging journey.

Set up your blog

If you have chosen Namecheap.com as your host, installing WordPress becomes easy peasy.

Namecheap.com already has a WordPress plan which you can start using right away with a few clicks. In cases where you run into some trouble, their live support is impeccable.

In fact, Namecheap.com has a simple video that shows you exactly how to install WordPress.

Once you’ve completed this stage, congratulations, you now have a blog!

Configure And Design Your Blog

use a good theme

This is where it might get a little techy, but don’t be scared. If you can browse on Facebook and chat with your friends, then you can certainly master WordPress within a few hours.

For many aspiring bloggers, this step is often left for some so-called blog designers to handle.

While that is a good thing, it only hinders you from actually learning. You don’t need to learn codes. Far from that.

When it comes to blog design, the first element to look into is themes. There are thousands of WordPress themes there.

But to start a blog that stands out, you might want to invest in a premium theme. The advantages are enormous. Below are some of the advantages of a premium theme.

  • Mobile Page Optimized

In this era, mobile smartphones are dominating our cyberspace. Having a theme that is mobile friendly is key to a successful blogging career.

  • Fast Loading Pages

Premium themes are optimized to be faster than their free counterparts. If you’re serious about blogging, then you need a premium.

  • Fast Support

For paying some bucks, the developers are always close by to help whenever you run into some issues with the theme. But with free themes, you can hardly get such a privilege.

  • Secure And Safety e

Malware, viruses, Trojans, and worms are flying around our cyberspace. Most times, these so-called free themes are carriers of these dangers.

While some are hardly updated to fix security issues, thereby exposing your blog to attacks. But with a premium, be rest assured you’re safe

First impression, user experience, and security matters. Which is why you should put the theme you use into serious consideration.

Start Creating Useful Contents

create useful contents

After creating a blog, the first step I usually undertake is the pages.

I write the about page, privacy pages, disclaimer and contact pages. Take special care when creating those pages.

They make up the purpose of your blog. Starting a blog without considering those is a mistake you shouldn’t make.

Furthermore, you need great content on your blog. No matter how awesome your blog design looks, no one is going to stay there if there is no useful content.

Creating a post for your blog is what you will be doing the most as a blogger. The kind of post you write mustn’t be like the next blog. It all boils down to what you have in mind – the purpose of your blog.

Wrapping Up!

Starting a blog doesn’t have to be hard. If you have the money to secure a domain and a host, then you’re ready to delve into the blogosphere.

You don’t need to be afraid to fail. I will be posting lots of useful articles in this blog that will guide you on this thrilling journey.

All you have to do is bookmark, memorize the URL of this blog and visit every day.

If perhaps you want my detailed blogging experience, an experience that made me $5,000 in a six months old blog, then hang around.

This eBook is my detailed blogging model, from start to the end.

It is the blueprint of blogging where you learn and apply proven tips in that world.

Based on testimonies, you won’t regret this book!

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