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The Power of Being a Minimalist Entrepreneur

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by Henry Ibeleme

The Power of Being a Minimalist Entrepreneur

Minimalism is the idea of owning less instead of more, believing that you live happier and content by taking a minimalistic approach.

I first heard about minimalism four (4) years ago, and that was when my life was almost engulfed with wants and desires.

I lead myself astray, believing that the road to happiness and fulfillment was wealth and materialism. But when I uncovered the truth, my life was never the same.

Do you know that an average household in the Nigeria owns about 300,000 items?

We have given ourselves the wrong definition of success, cluttering our lives with distractions, debt, materialism, and noise.

We thought, by accumulating more, we might feel happier, successful, and content. But each time, there is an enormous void yet to be filled.

This void has led many billionaires to depression. This gigantic, dark void will get you questioning life over again when money is no longer a problem.

If your goal in life is happiness, then this path is for you. When you embark on this thrilling journey, your joy will no longer depend on people, things, or achievement.

Instead, it lies in this unique experience of life.

You probably know about Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

The self-actualization need is the ultimate, the very last stage where many fail, including billionaires and acclaimed, highly successful people.

In the end, they fail to realize who they are. They wore a mask, living only on expectations and demands.

In such a chaotic world, no wonder most resort to drugs, sex, and innumerable dark acts to fill the void.

The Minimalistic Approach

The Minimalistic Approach

I want you to take a moment and picture yourself in the middle of a forest.

In this forest, you have with you, your husband or wife, and kids.

In this beautiful forest is your home, a tiny, wooden house with solar panels and biogas machines for energy.

You have everything you’ll ever need, and the garden seems to produce bountiful every season.

That is the life of most minimalists in the world. When you watch how they spend their day with nature and less, you get inspired by how happiness can be found even with less.

However, you don’t need to live in the middle of a jungle to appreciate and benefit from minimalism, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

By taking a minimalistic approach, you understand that life is not about being opulent, but living in financial freedom. Minimalist entrepreneurs know that the goal is not to acquire money, but the freedom it offers.

By getting hold of your finance, and learning to live with less, only then can you understand true happiness, unattached to materialism, the euphoria of achievement, or bodily pleasures.

The benefits are mind-boggling, as you tend to worry less and be happier with yourself.

Misconceptions of Minimalism

Misconceptions of Minimalism

Minimalism isn’t a life where you must have only seven grey t-shirts or only ten items in the world. Also, you do not need to live in an off-grid tiny house to be a minimalist.

A true minimalist is one who understands that beauty lies on the simple and that one can achieve absolute peace by practicing ‘the act of not giving a ‘fu*k.’

A life where you don’t concern yourself about people’s definition of success, neither do you need validations to be happy.

The life of a minimalist is simple! Money is not a problem; neither have you cursed yourself with greed – a constant urge to acquire more.

Instead of such a lonely part of acquiring, life is better spent making an impact, putting smiles on sad faces.

As minimalist entrepreneurs, the ultimate aim is financial freedom, solving the world’s problem, and living our best life now.

It is not a life where you acquire just to flaunt on social media, or trying to gain people’s validation on success.

It is a life where you live by your own definitions and rules. You don’t need to conform to people’s definitions of success when you’ve already defined yours.

We’ll Meet Again!

A minimalist entrepreneur can be anyone who wants to live a life of simplicity, peace, and happiness.

You can be a billionaire and still live a life of less – a life where money is nothing but a tool.

There are many myths on what minimalism is or should be, but understand that a life of less is a life of peace!

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