The Secrets To Going Viral On YouTube [2021 Guide]

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The Secrets To Going Viral On Youtube

Most of my evenings are spent browsing YouTube, watching lots of thrilling videos about business, quantum physics, technology, and tiny houses.

It has become a gigantic video platform that everyone adores. This platform has risen from the dust to become the world’s second-largest search engine.

Phew! Who can beat that? Now, what are the secrets to going viral on YouTube?

You were probable like me, wondering how these YouTubers can amass millions of views on their videos.

When you go back to observe the few hundred views on your videos, your heart gets broken. It feels as if there is a demon trying earnestly to crush it. If you’re in this situation, hold on a minute!

Establishing yourself on YouTube at this time is indeed HARD! But there are some tips that the gurus know that you don’t.

Oh Yes! You’re not getting those millions of views because there are things they are doing, that you’re not doing.

The Secrets To Going Viral On YouTube

In this article, I will expose most of these secrets to going viral on YouTube.

You do not need to pay anyone any dime. All you have to do is learn these tips and implement them on your channel.

But the reason you will probably remain where you are now is because of procrastination.

Who knows, maybe you already know the tips. You probably had read it on another blog but failed to implement it.

Listen, dear YouTuber, if you must have those views you dream of; make it a challenge to incorporate ALL the tips I will share.

I am not going to promise a quick fix to your problems, but they will help you improve.

1. Keep It Short And Sweet

Keep It Short And Sweet

Do you remember the study that stated that the human attention span is now lesser than that of a goldfish?

I know what you’re thinking. What the hell is wrong with humans! I mean, where are they rushing to?

But come to think of it, when was the last time you watched a video to the end?

Perhaps I shouldn’t go too far. When was the last thing you read an article like this to the end?

You probably can’t remember. No need to feel sad; you’re not alone on this dilemma.

But what is the point of all this? You see, short and sweet videos have a massive chance of going viral.

That is because you can hold the viewer’s attention to the end. When that happens, they are most likely to use the share button.

Let us imagine for a moment that an influencer magically or mistakenly shares your video. I assure you, your blood pressure will not be healthy that day.

A single share from someone who has a vast audience will skyrocket your video to fame.

When next you’re making a video, ensure you keep it short and sweet. That is one of the secrets to going viral on YouTube.

2. Straight To The Point

Straight To The Point to The Secrets To Going Viral On YouTube

I see a lot of new YouTubers make this mistake over and over again. It isn’t funny at all!

I was watching a video about how to be more productive at work.

The YouTuber took about 2minutes to introduce his message, another two-minutes telling his viewers to subscribe to his channel, and another agonizing minute telling me about his lost socks.

If you’re going to paddle down that road, you will never go viral on YouTube. I know that is a little harsh coming from me, but that is the truth.

To go viral, focus on a single message. Do you know why? That is because simple, clear, and concise content performs incredibly well on YouTube.

Once you go live on camera, do a short intro of 5 seconds and get into the topic. Don’t beat around a single idea for too long, remember, short and sweet.

Pick a message and focus and express yourself as clearly as you can. That is one of the secrets to going viral on YouTube.

But if you blab about unrelated things just to increase your watch time, you end up losing their attention.

3. Always Think About Quality And Value

Always Think About Quality And Value

Lots of YouTubers are doing everything right, but they seem not to be making any headway.

What could be wrong? Well, what I discovered to be a problem is their graphic, scene, and sound quality.

No one wants to spend time watching a poor quality video.

Most often, what appeals to many is this cinematic feel. Depending on your niche, your graphics and audio quality is something you should not overlook.

I did a review a while ago about the Best YouTube Equipment you must have.

With an iPhone or a DSLR camera, you can shoot bright and beautiful videos.

Also, your audio is an essential factor if you’re thinking about quality. There are many high-quality microphones that you can get, coupled with some audio software you can use to remove background noises.

To go viral, you need to appeal to millions of viewers through a high-quality video and sound. With a beautifully blurred background, nothing will stop that video from going viral.

It is one of the secrets of going viral. Unfortunately, many keep pushing in mediocre, poor quality video expecting to hit stardom.

4. Create A Catchy Thumbnail

Create A Catchy Thumbnail is one of The Secrets To Going Viral On YouTube

If you want to get thousands and millions of views on your YouTube videos, then take some extra time and pay attention to your thumbnail.

Take a look at viral videos and take note of their thumbnail, how simple and catchy it is. That, my dear, is the secrets to going viral on YouTube.

Never use the automatic thumbnail generated by YouTube.

Never do that, but instead, create one using either Photoshop or a YouTube thumbnail app. You can even use a free and online tool like Canvas.

The fact is, I have been using the Canvas app for all my graphical needs.

One thing that works best when it comes to the thumbnail is to stick to a particular design and color. These should be elements in your brand that helps viewers to recognize you immediately.

5. Killer And Simple Headline

Killer And Simple Headline

Aside from a beautiful thumbnail, your video title is also another crucial element that you should not overlook.

When it comes to titles, there is no straight way of doing this. But what I discovered to work is following some popular formats, especially ones used by viral videos.

Keep your title short, simple, and catchy.

Take the title of this article, for example, “The Secrets to Going Viral on YouTube.” It can be used on a YouTube video and boom; you will watch as the figures increase. That is because the title is short and catchy!

Take a look at successful channels in your niche. Analyze how they put together their headlines and tweak the format a little bit.

A catchy thumbnail and title is the only weapon you might need to go viral. I tend to call it the “The Two Killer Combos.”

When putting together your title, don’t forget to include your keywords.

I talked about keywords a lot in How To Rank Your Youtube Videos article. Do check it out later, so you’ll learn how it is done.

6. Utilize The Description Box

Utilize The Description Box

If you haven’t noticed this, I have.

Lots of YouTubers, especially the newbies, are scared to use the description box.

Perhaps they are scared of writing, or maybe shyness. Whatever it is, never belong in that bandwagon.

Your description box is an important area; the only opportunity you have to inject some keywords in your videos.

When you have your target keywords in your title and description, chances of ranking high on YouTube increases.

A 300 words description of your video is recommended and would help your video rank better.

Also, it tells your viewers a little more about the video. If you have a blog post relating to the video, this is the section where you link back.

If you’re already into Affiliate Marketing, it will also be useful for advertising your links.

Among all the numerous secrets to going viral on YouTube, never neglect the description box. It could sabotage your effort!

7. Publish And Promote

You have done all the hard work.

Who knows, maybe you went to the moon to shoot this video. Then after some days of editing and writing, you hit the publish button!

Experts will tell you that hitting the publish button isn’t where it ends. They are very right!

If you don’t have thousands or millions of subscribers yet, you will need to give your video a little push.

You do that by sharing the video on all your social handles like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

When you share with a vast audience, they are likely to re-share, provided your video is excellent.

When it comes to secrets to going viral on YouTube, I noticed that your actions after hitting the publish button determine the success of the video.

Why is that? Listen carefully, especially if your channel is new.

If you don’t do any promotion after hitting the publish button, you’re leaving your video in the hands of LUCK.

There are viral videos today that got viral out of mere luck. The owners just produced a video and hit publish, and the rest became history.

The chances of that happening are slim, so you need to give your video a little push by doing some promotion.

Don’t post and pray; post and promote!

Wrapping Up!

There is no magic spell to going viral on YouTube.

I will tell you that there are no secrets to going viral on YouTube. You know why?

I can bet it with my last penny that you probably know most of these tips but lazy to implement them.

I want to challenge you to incorporate these tips into your next video.

Don’t rush!

Take your time and create something that you will watch, and you will be proud of yourself.

When was the last time you did that? Now is the moment to create that excellent feeling!

Do you have any questions for me? Please use the comment box, and I will guide you. If there is no question, don’t forget to subscribe! See you in my next article!

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