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Top 5 Vlogging Equipment For Beginners

Vlogging equipment for beginners

If you’ve been considering starting a YouTube channel, I want to say kudos to you because that is a pretty lovely decision. Do you know why? People now prefer visuals when it comes to devouring information, thereby making YouTube a lucrative goldmine. But before you kick this off, you need the right vlogging equipment or tools.

Although these tools can be expensive, they are an investment you will grow to cherish as you journey this path. To succeed as a vlogger or YouTuber, you need to start on the right footing. Your videos have to look impressive if you must catch your audience’s attention.

In this article, I am going to make a list of top vlogging equipment you need to start your journey. You can easily click on any of the links to buy from Jumia. Please take note that when you buy using my link, I will earn a tiny commission, at no extra cost to you. Let’s begin!

1. Camera

Camera Vlogging equipment for beginners

Buying a DSLR camera as a beginner is not a must unless perhaps you have the money. If you do, please go ahead as that would make your video quality stand out. If you don’t have the finance to afford this, remember that your smartphone is a dangerous device. If your smartphone is out of the question, you can always rent a camera to shoot your videos. A great looking camera is one of the vlogging equipment you need as a YouTuber. I always recommend Nikon Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera

However, some YouTube niches don’t even warrant you own a camera at all. All you need to do is use high-quality free footages from stock video sites. That would be a topic for another article, do stay tuned.

Some tutorial niches don’t need DSLR cameras. With a webcam gadget like the Logitech C920 HD Pro, you can easily attach this to your computer and shoot your videos. Irrespective of your niche, you will one day want to own a DSLR camera, and if you’re ready, order now and get it delivered to your location.

2. Lightning

 Andoer Andoer Portable 160pcs LED Video Light, which features a 160pcs LED light

To produce excellent videos, you need the right lighting, especially if you’re shooting indoors. In that case, you will need this incredible LED light called Andoer Andoer Portable 160pcs LED Video Light, which features a 160pcs LED light beads for optimum illumination and diffuser. You can adjust the lighting based on the environment, with an indicator that shows the remaining brightness.

This incredible vlogging tool comes with a hot-shoe stand that is compatible with most DSLR cameras, tripods, light stands, and camcorders. It is not very expensive, compared to the most sophisticated lightning system that cost over #300,000.

Without this tool, you can stick to using natural lights to shoot your videos. The right lighting can tremendously improve your video quality significantly. If you’re running a YouTube beauty channel, go for a ring light since it works best to eliminate the shadows from the face.

3. Professional Tripod

Professional Tripod

Whether you’re shooting using your mobile device or a DSLR camera, you need a tripod. There will be a time when you want to look at the camera without holding it with your hands. With a tripod, you can shoot a steady and cinematic video. There are lots of different tripods in the market. A tripod is one of the must-have vlogging equipment you shouldn’t overlook. When ordering for a tripod, consider both height and weight. You do not need something short nor stout for mobility’s sake. I bought a tripod recently, and I made a mistake. It can only shoot in landscape mode. Although most of your videos would be in a landscape as required by YouTube, the portrait mode is beneficial for YouTube stories. You can go for a tabletop tripod and a gimbal stabilizer for stability.

4. Microphone

Sennheiser UHF Rechargeable Wireless Lapel/Tie-Clip Microphone

Sound is essential in vlogging, and you need the right microphone for the best sound production. There are numerous mics out there in the market, like the Sennheiser UHF Rechargeable Wireless Lapel/Tie-Clip Microphone. They all have their pros and cons, with its distinctive prices. A good quality mic should be able to conceal background noises or project your voice more confidently. When you have excellent sound quality, editing it becomes smooth.

If you’re in a niche where you have to talk to your viewers, ensure you invest in a high-quality microphone no matter how much it cost. This element can make or mar your journey as YouTuber. I have seen numerous Nigerian YouTubers produce cringing videos all because of a poor microphone.

You can go for a USB microphone that you can easily attach to your computer, or perhaps a shotgun microphone. Whichever one you feel suits your niche.

5. Video Editing Software

Video Editing Software

You will agree that there are tons of video editing software out there. But the one I love the most is Coral Video Studio. It can serve you for all your video production needs. With this software, you can adjust the lighting and graphics interfaces of your video.

You can add text to your videos, motion, transitions, and so much more. Many YouTubers were unable to afford a camera. But they succeed by using free footages and editing them using this simple software. There are also free video editors you can use, like the Windows Movie Maker, or the IMovie for MAC OS. There is also Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut, which many professional YouTubers are using.


These are the top 5 vlogging equipment you should invest in and skyrocket your vlogging career. Take note that you don’t need to acquire all these at once. Give yourself time, and gradually add these tools to your kit. If a camera is a problem, you can use another approach, like using footage from free stock video sites. Perhaps when you start making money from YouTube, you can then afford these vlogging tools that make the journey fun.

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