7 Tips For Writing Incredible Blog Headlines (Complete Guide)

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5 Tips For Writing Incredible Blog Headlines

Do you often find yourself struggling with blog post headlines? You’re not alone in this battle.

Almost every blogger passed through this daunting path before grasping the magic formula.

By taking the time to tweak and write better and incredible blog headlines that hook readers, you will ultimately boost your blog’s traffic and make money.

Let’s face the ugly fact – getting people to click on headlines is becoming increasingly difficult these days.

Perhaps as man advance, his attention span reduces.

No matter how outstanding your blog content is, a shabby headline won’t get you anywhere.

Neil Patel recently tweaked the Kissmetric headline of his blog, and according to him, the conversion rate rose by 40%.

In a world filled with lots of distraction and competition, your headline is the hook you need. When you can compel them to click, that means you can force them to do anything.

In this article, I am going to guide you on how you can write impeccable blog headlines that magnets readers.

Before you proceed, take note that you don’t need to be a badass writer to pull this off. The fact is, I tailored this article specifically for beginners who don’t know their way around blog headlines.

I have so much confidence in these techniques – due to its effectiveness.

Before writing this article, I did a little research, and I came across a study. According to the survey, including a hyphen or colon can increase click-through-rate by over 9%.

It boggled my mind as to how a tiny element can cause such a massive impact. But when you relate this to the Nigerian blogosphere, you discover that what they use is click-bait and nothing more!

The only time where your captivating blog headline might fail is when your content is different or doesn’t deliver on the headline’s promise.

Well, here are some techniques on how to write great blog headlines.

1. Master The Use Of Numbers In Your Headlines

The human brain feels more drawn to headlines that incorporate numbers, compared to headlines that don’t.

Let’s take a little experiment. Which of the titles below would you prefer to click first?

About 70% of potential readers would go for the title that incorporates a number. The reason behind this is because the brain is attracted to organized information.

According to Mike Hamers, odd numbers often perform more, compared to even numbers. That is because readers perceive odd numbers as more authentic.

The chart below shows the incredible power of numbers. If you want to make your blog headlines clickable, experiment with numbers, and you will see the magic happen.

Most times, we often concern ourselves with the science or psychology behind colors. We should also do the same when it comes to numbers. They are pretty powerful!

5 Tips For Writing Incredible Blog Headlines by using number and data

When utilizing this technique, you need to understand that the number incorporated can backfire.

For example, a headline such as, “50 ways to write a better blog headline”, seems too much and cumbersome.

Potential readers might ignore and look for a more straightforward guide like, “9 ways to write a better blog headline.”

Using numbers in headlines measured by facebook

A step by step guide should not include more than 9 points, or you will end up repulsing potential readers.

Incorporate numbers well in your headline and watch your click-through-rate skyrocket.

2. Use Parentheses Or Brackets

If there is a habit I can’t let go, it is the use of brackets when writing a headline. Without reading guides on headlines that attract, I was able to use myself as a case study.

Headlines with parentheses or brackets always hook me, without letting go. I thought to myself, if this happens to me, then it inevitably happens to every reader out there.

writing a good blog headline by using brackets

I have used this technique over and over again in numerous of my blog posts. It always outperforms posts without parentheses and brackets.

Writers use parentheses or brackets to separate clauses, while some use it to create a punch. You can also use this element to emphasize a piece of information or a bonus.

This article, for instance, I used this technique to create an added effect – (complete beginners’ guide)

A new blogger who is still yet to master his headline craft won’t hesitate to click.

Why is it so?

I have captured the reader’s problem, proposed a solution, and also stated his status as a beginner.

When using a bracket, you have to be very creative. You can use the element to add additional information, or simply to arouse curiosity.

Here is an example of a headline that does excellently in that regard.

Example: 9 Ways to write an incredible blog headline (Doubled My Sales)

Do you see how I was able to fuse two vital elements in one headline? I used the number technique, and the bracket to create more punch.

With this headline hack or trick, you will be able to increase your click-through-rate by at least 30% or more.

3. Make Them An Offer

Another way to write a great blog headline or title is to infuse your headline with an underlying reason.

Despite having a great headline, if you don’t offer them a reason to click, they won’t. It would surprise you how much you don’t know about humans when it comes to getting them to do something.

However, a little trick is all you need. Some reasons which you can include in your article could be:

  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Lessons
  • Methods
  • Techniques
  • Ideas
  • Ways
  • Secrets
  • Strategies
  • Facts, etc.

You should be creative and incorporate other techniques into creating a masterpiece. Here are some examples to get you going:

  • 5 mistakes new bloggers often make in blogging
  • 10 surprising ways to promote your blog
  • 5 tips to writing incredible blog headlines
  • 9 facts about social media marketing

You simply have to be innovative and envision yourself as the reader. Time is precious; no one wants to waste it reading a piece of crap.

They judge the content of your article by your headline. It is not fair, you might say.

If you want potential readers to click, devour your article, and subscribe as loyal readers, first hook them with a compelling headline.

Write headlines that are easy to understand, and you will see your CTR increase. If they don’t understand it, they think it’s a sign they don’t need it.

In that case, they scroll away to a more robust and straightforward article.

Use simple words and stop trying to impress readers with your colossal of ambiguous words. The only person in the world that needs that is probably your lecturer in school, not your blog readers.

If they don’t understand your headline, how would they comprehend your article? It’s a huge turn-off.

Here is a blog headline that made me grab the dictionary:

How To Annihilate Inflammation Of Skin Due To Unfavorable Weather

If I am to rewrite the headline, it would probably be something like this:

How To Treat Acne And Other Annoying Skin Conditions

4. Use Power Words

Do you believe that words can be too powerful? With the right words, you can evoke any feeling you like, be it sadness, joy, or curiosity.

Some words get the job done, while some create the reverse effect. When you use them, it is almost irresistible to ignore. They are called “Power Words.”

I am going to give you an insight into some power words that you can use to write awesome blog headlines.

Incredible                                         faith amazing

Fearless                                             spectacular                       stunning

Breathtaking daring sensational, etc.

Using power words to write great blog headlines

There are so many of them, and you’re free to discover more later.

Here is an example of me using this power words in this article’s headline;

5 Tips to writing “INCREDIBLE” blog headlines (Complete Guide)

A word of caution – don’t use power words to manipulate or deceive your audience. It always backfires when you least expected it.

Kevan Lee, the director of marketing at Buffer, went extensively on the use of power words that converts.

Power words, when used right, can be persuasive and tend to convert visitors to loyal followers. Not only should you use this element in your blog headlines, but in your article and everything.

It has an unusual way of improving your writing as a blogger.

5. Write With SEO In Mind

write headlines that is seo friendly

My best performing posts took everything from me, both in terms of time and energy in writing and keyword research.

Many bloggers know that keyword research is very vital for traffic, but they lazily ignore it.

If you want to traffic, you need to up your game regarding keyword research. After keyword research, you should be able to optimize your headlines around that keyword for better exposure in search engines.

Take a look at some tools I often recommend for keyword research.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • KWFinder

By writing SEO, optimized blog headlines, you help more people discover your content. I will tell you the truth; it is hard and demands a lot.

But it is one of the acts you will never regret as a blogger.

Writing a fantastic blog headline, without paying attention to SEO is like cooking a sumptuous meal and inviting nobody to eat. I see numerous new bloggers make this mistake, please don’t join the pack.

6. Experiment With Different Headlines

I am not going to tell you I use this technique, because I don’t. But many writers can come up with a better blog headline with this technique.

The trick is to write about 5 headlines and then pick the best among them.

If you’re outstanding, you might create impeccable headlines that might give you a hard time choosing. So, brainstorm for more ideas and write them down. The more, the better.

7. Hyphens And Colon Works Too

Another technique that works when it comes to writing a great blog headline is the use of hyphens and colons.

Outbrain conducted a study and discovered that hyphens and colon tend to increase click-through rate by 9% on average. Just like a bracket or parentheses, they carry a similar punch.

Anyway, you must not use this technique. Stick to a formula that works best for your niche, and you will be glad you did. Take a look at this example:

Writing a great blog headline: Beginners’ Guide

Here is another example by Ann Gynn.

Ann Gynn using colon to write a great blog headline

They almost have the same power as parentheses. Depending on your niche, this might be the ideal formula you need.

Final Words!

We bloggers are fantastic, always learning, and improving.

In this guide on how to write a great headline, don’t fail to stick to what works. You must not try all formulas, but surely you’ll increase Click Through Rate if you implement some vital elements already discussed in this article.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. As you grow as a blogger, especially if you’re Nigerian, you will be able to discover your unique style and stick to it.

Remember, headline writing isn’t something you master overnight. It takes consistent practice and writing.

Keep writing, and you’ll become better. Which of the headline technique do you think will work best?


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